What are the benefits of using heavy duty inner steel liner cans with aluminum bottoms in my waste and recycling receptacles?

Many of us are used to plastic trash cans at home: a simple plastic molded receptacle that accepts plastic bag inserts. However, outside of the home, and especially in commercial and public environments, a heavy duty inner receptacle, often manufactured from steel, is the product of choice.

What exactly is an inner receptacle?

It is an additional receptacle often made of galvanized steel with a lightly smaller diameter than its outer, finished receptacle. The better products in the market from companies such as Glaro Inc. make sure the metal liner can is made not only of galvanized steel to inhibit rust but also has a rust-proof aluminum bottom.  Steel bottoms are short lived and should be avoided.  This is an important feature since any liquids or moisture that find its way into the can will settle and be trapped at the bottom making steel bottomed cans susceptible to rusting through in a very short time.  The inner receptacle fits neatly inside and houses the poly trash bag.

What are the main benefits of an inner steel liner can for your waste receptacles?

Put simply: Safety, Maintenance, and Stability.

Metal waste receptacles and trash cans with heavy duty steel liner cans, such as ones provided by Glaro Inc., provide a high level of fire safety.  When trash cans are in public areas, it is not uncommon for someone to mistakenly dispose of an item that is hot and flammable or actually lit such as a cigarette. In a public area such as hotels, airports, large buildings and offices, where there are often significant numbers of people, safety is of utmost concern. The added protection provided by liner cans gives a building owner or manager the confidence that their furniture and equipment is fostering a safer environment.

Surprisingly, and often to keep costs slightly lower, many manufacturers of waste receptacles offer a flammable, plastic inner bucket which may create its own potential hazard by producing toxic fumes and additional heat. They also do not contain heat as well as metal and may lead to the floor or something nearby catching fire or being damaged.

Uniquely, Glaro never includes hazardous, toxic, or flammable plastic inner containers.  Glaro waste receptacles give you effective protection from fires because both Inner and Outer Receptacles are Heavy Gauge Metal. Double wall construction helps to contain heat and flames in the event of an internal fire. They also help to cut off the oxygen supply to a possible fire. As a result, a small fire could be retarded, or even be extinguished by the resulting carbon dioxide some of which can be trapped inside the receptacle, before becoming a big problem.

Waste receptacles with liners are simply easier to maintain.  A metal inner liner helps keep litter in the waste receptacle and prevents garbage and trash from leaking or falling out of the trash container into a public area should the poly bag break open.  This maintains a more professional look and certainly a cleaner one. Inner steel waste receptacle liners from Glaro also have a handle for clean and easy removal of trash, and they easily fit heavy duty plastic liner bags.

Metal inner liners are also rust resistant and corrosion resistant, so they last longer.  While plastic inner liner receptacles are sometimes selected, they can rip, do not stand up to heavy use, and their construction is directly affected by substances like solvents.

Because all Glaro liner cans are made of galvanized steel with aluminum bottoms, they are especially durable and able to withstand heavy use.  In addition, they load in from the top, so they are much easier to take apart and put back together again than trash receptacles that open from the side.  Should inner all metal liner cans become soiled or contain odors they may be washed, hosed out, or even power washed and easily deodorized.

All metal inner liner cans are substantial in weight and therefore add stability to the receptacle which may be preferred in areas with high traffic and high winds or where unauthorized people tend to move them from their intended location.

As you think through your options for waste receptacles to purchase or recommend to others, we hope you now have a better understanding of inner metal receptacles.