Two Questions You Need To Answer To Select The Right Crowd Control System For Your Facility

Glaro Inc. Crowd Control ProductsShopping for crowd control products can be a challenge because there are many different crowd management products on the market with varying benefits and features.  In a recent article, we discussed some of the product-based features to think about including:

•    Construction materials used (aluminum, steel, plastic etc.)
•    Type of stanchion base (heavy duty, lightweight, rubber, steel, cast iron)
•    Straps, Ropes, or chain (nylon, velvet, plastic, steel etc.)
•    Inner spring mechanism quality for retractable straps
•    Selection and customization of finishes available
•    Signage required as an add-on (post mounted, floor standing, wall mounted etc.)
•    Shipping lead time

Today, we would like to discuss the planning stage once you have clarified what you intend to accomplish by installing a crowd control system.  What variables need to be considered during the product selection process?

1)    What does the décor of the space require in terms of style and presentation?  2)  How flexible does your crowd management or pedestrian control system need to be?

We find that the décor of the space influences the choice of product.  Does a crowd control system whose design reflects “old world elegance” fit best, or does a newer, more contemporary style seem more appropriate for the building’s interior design?  What would make most sense to your visitors?  What will accomplish the task and enhance the environment as well?

For example, a commercial bank in an urban area will often experience varying flows of people based on the day of the week and time of day.  A “pay day” itself can lead to large influxes of customers in a bank looking to cash checks and make deposits.  Because banks can experience tremendous variations in traffic, a flexible crowd control system such as Glaro’s “Extenda-Barrier” retractable strap portable stanchions built on heavy duty bases, is the first consideration.  If the bank is a chain, most often a contemporary, commercial “look” will be appropriate consisting of Extenda-Barrier posts rather than more regal, elegant velvet ropes, for example that you might see at a “red carpet” event.

When flexibility is a priority, another consideration for a commercial building that requires queuing systems are modular metal crowd control railing systems.  Different than expensive welded railings that require an extensive installation process, modular railing systems are easier to install, reconfigure and even store.  They are also available in single or double railings to deter people from ducking under or “cutting” lines (most retractable straps do not provide this feature).  Crowd control railing systems are also built with a unique keyhole design that makes connecting and disconnecting rails from posts fast and easy.  As a result, they can be reconfigured, without tools, as needed in just a few minutes.  Generally for queuing systems, aisles are three feet wide and posts are spaced six feet apart.  By using three feet long or six feet long rails (or ropes), virtually ANY size pedestrian queuing line can be formed.  Glaro Incorporated is the innovator and manufacturer of the Elite Rail Crowd Control Post and Rail System described above.

Knowing beforehand 1) your décor requirements, and 2) how flexible your queuing systems need to be to accommodate the expected type and flow of traffic in your building, will help you select the appropriate queuing systems for your building.  Finally, if supporting American manufacturing and choosing quality workmanship is important to you, choose an American brand over an import.