This Spring 2013, Glaro Inc. Offers Tips for Selecting the Right Bellman Carts for Hotels, Condos, Airports, and Other Properties

Special Glaro News Update

Hauppauge, NY (Press Release) May 01, 2013 (taken from

Glaro Inc., a leading USA manufacturer of bellman carts, luggage carts, and upscale platform trucks known widely for its innovative “Glaro Glider” carts, has taken proactive steps to make sure that buildings and properties across the United States are properly equipped this spring and summer travel season. Glaro Inc. suggests that properties consider the following four tips about bellman and luggage carts as they research and investigate the right carts for their facilities.


First and foremost, Glaro suggests purchasing a cart that is easy to move, easy to turn and easy to push or pull. “Glaro Inc. offers six wheel bellman carts that have the highest performance in the industry,” says Executive Vice President Robert Betensky. “Pushing or pulling from either end is easy and efficient. The operator maintains complete control at all times. Therefore, the design is perfect for self-service as well as bellman applications.” Glaro Inc. carts with six wheels pivot in place, turning on an axis. Company executives say this “phenomenon” known by industry experts as “pinpoint maneuverability” is especially useful around elevators, corners and in tight spaces. Damage to wall and door frames is greatly reduced with a cart that can be controlled so easily. An extra benefit of the six wheel design is a higher load capacity. Mr. Betensky added, “Maneuverability is at the top of the list. That’s why the Glaro Glider was born.”


Glaro suggests purchasing from a USA manufacturer whose bellman cart product lines offer both selection and versatility, essentially enabling you to create your own cart. Executives say that a good company will provide a selection of four and six wheel carts, several capacities (lengths), various finishes, wheel and bumper system options and even accessories such as shelves, convenience rails, hooks and bars. Properties may also wish to have their logos applied to the carpeting to further their branding and look of exclusivity. Many properties have high traffic volumes, especially those that accommodate bus loads of visitors. At these locations, a high capacity cart that will hold more weight and more cubic footage of luggage due to the design of the frame is needed, as found in Glaro’s “High Roller” line.


Glaro Inc. suggests looking for low maintenance quality bellman’s carts. “We recommend all-weather, rust and corrosion proof carts made with aluminum frames,” mentioned Mr. Betensky. Manufacturers such as Glaro Inc., for example, engineer frames and chassis that are rust proof and can therefore be used indoors and outdoors. The company suggests selecting carts that are not constructed from solid brass, which tarnishes easily and need continuous maintenance. Mirror chrome, mirror plated and brass plated finishes also chip and rust. “The best alternative is satin polished aluminum and tarnish proof satin brass. These finishes are less costly and easier to clean than solid brass or brass plated finishes, which require polishing,” offers Plant Manager Bob Glass. Beyond finishes, Glaro Inc. suggests using quality ball bearing wheels with 8-inch diameter casters and avoiding those with 6-inch casters, which wear out faster and do not easily navigate over uneven surfaces or carpeting.

Design Appeal and Aesthetics

Glaro Inc. suggests that your bellman carts present an appearance “worthy” of a “front of the house” position in your lobby, condo, dormitory, nursing home, airport, or building. Selecting a cart that fits seamlessly with a building’s décor is essential, and it is part of customer service. “A cart can actually enhance an area but should never detract from the overall aesthetics. Appearances matter, especially in service based and hospitality industries.” Asking about the variety, number, and types of finishes available is an important part of the research process.

Glaro Gliders, the bellman cart manufacturer’s well-known bellman cart line, come in a variety of designs and prices so that customers can choose exactly what they want. “They are attractive, low maintenance, durable and unmatched by any other company when it comes to value, maneuverability, and control,” says Mr. Betensky. Each Glaro Glider model comes in three sizes, 15 designs, 31 finishes, including clear coated satin aluminum, tarnish proof satin brass, and 29 textured and smooth powder coated colors. Every cart is manufactured in the USA.

To learn more about Glaro Inc. Glider bellman carts or learn more bellman cart shopping tips, Glaro Inc. can be reached at 1-888-234-1050 or info(at)glaro(dot)com.

About Glaro Incorporated:
Glaro Inc. ( is a leading USA manufacturer of commercial and consumer aluminum and steel products sold directly to distributors/dealers for almost 70 years. All products ship in 1 to 3 days. Glaro Inc. products are the result of a focus on thoughtful innovation and design. Product lines include bellman luggage carts, platform trucks, waste receptacles, recycling receptacles, smokers’ posts and receptacles, crowd control posts and systems, safety barriers, signs, sign frames, directories, menu display stands, coat hanging equipment, umbrella stands, wet umbrella bag holders, metal planters, and key drop boxes. A diverse selection of models in 31 finishes is produced in the Hauppauge, New York plant by skilled Glaro Inc. craftsmen. The company is known for its quality merchandise and its ability to consistently quick ship all products. The customer service department provides unusually prompt personal service and is sensitive to the needs of dealers and distributors.