The 8 Essential Places Every Building Needs To Have Recycling Stations

Are you managing waste in your building the most efficient way possible?

recycleWhether you work in a bank, a healthcare facility, a University or any type of office building, you all have one thing in common: the need to efficiently manage waste and recyclables. Environmental sustainability has become synonymous with corporate responsibility, and disposing of recyclables is a need that all building managers now have to consider.

While it would be convenient to have a generic boilerplate model that can guide you in determining the optimal recycling plan for your building, the truth is that there are far too many variables to consider. Factors include:
•    Building size, shape and structure
•    The types of interior spaces and rooms
•    The expected flow of building traffic throughout the year
•    The type and quantity of waste created in that type of building
•    “Green” standards expected to be executed in that building etc.

If you have not instituted a recycling program in your building or if you would like to improve your current program, here are eight essential places to place recycling receptacles and stations.

•    Lobby  and Foyers
•    Entrance Areas
•    Elevators
•    Bathrooms
•    Hallways
•    Cafeteria / Food Service Stations
•    Work/Office areas
•    Vending Machine Areas

Hole Openings on Glaro Inc. Recycling Receptacles

Examples of Hole Openings

Metal recycling receptacles can typically be purchased as individual units (solo units) with a range of openings called “streams.” Each receptacle can be either a single or double stream. Some manufacturers also provide triple stream options so that you can segregate and organize different types of recyclables all in one receptacle, according to local requirements.

Individual recycling units can be connected with a bracket to form a cohesive recycling station. A facility can choose to combine single, dual or even triple stream receptacles to create a recycling “Destination” known as a “Station.”

If you have questions and would like assistance in selecting a recycling station, call Glaro Inc. at 1-888-234-1050.