Should I Buy Metal Waste Receptacles?

Is Purchasing Metal Waste Receptacles The Right Choice?

You have a lot of choices today when purchasing waste receptacles. With materials and design options ranging from concrete to wicker to plastic to metal, waste receptacles are a surprisingly large and sometimes complicated product category to navigate through.

In some instances, such as domestic use, a small plastic bin or wicker waste basket that is small and decorative may be all that is necessary to do the job, especially when the plastic waste receptacle is hidden under a sink or in a cabinet.

However, we find that in a public place, business workplace or any commercial place such as a hotel, airport, hospital, institution, or outdoor area, waste receptacles made of non-metal materials or plastic may not do the optimal job.

To help out, we put together the following questions. If you answer yes to any of the following, then purchasing indoor and outdoor metal waste receptacles may be the right solution for you:

  • Do you need something that can stand up to inclement weather or outdoor use?
  • Do you need a trash receptacle that is stain and odor resistant?
  • How important is it that the waste receptacle is durable and virtually maintenance free?
  • How important is it that the waste receptacle is attractive and presents a “classier” or professional image?
  • Will the waste receptacle have the capacity i.e. volume your space needs?
  • Will the manufacturer be able to customize or “brand” your waste receptacles to present a consistent image?
  • Will the color and finish options I want be available from the manufacturer or distributor from which I purchase my waste receptacles?
  • Do you need your waste receptacle to be fireproof or fire resistant?
  • Is the waste receptacle made from recycled materials to promote more eco-friendly manufacturing?
  • Do I need a construction that is heavy duty or heavy gauged that will not tip over or be easily moved / removed?

In the end, thinking about your intended use of the trash receptacles, the features and benefits available from the waste receptacle manufacturer or supplier, the durability of the waste receptacles, and the image the receptacle presents will help you make decisions during your research process.

If you have any questions about the benefits of metal waste receptacles, feel free to contact our office at 1-888-234-1050, visit the Glaro Inc. website to learn more or ask us how you can contact our dealers.