How To Shop For Crowd Control Posts, Stanchions, Belts and Ropes

So often people know that they need some type of crowd control management product, but of all the choices on the market today, they don’t know which product to choose.  After all, there are retractable strap posts, traditional ropes and stanchions, portable railing systems, permanent railing systems etc. This list goes on and each has its own benefits and attributes. To decide, here are seven aspects of crowd control systems that we advise researching as you decide which crowd control manufacturer, dealer or retailer will earn your business:

1.    Constructed From Solid Aluminum?: Is your post or stanchion made from aluminum? In fact, aluminum has the longest life of any crowd control post because it can not rust or tarnish. It will also prevent rust from getting on the floor. If you intend to use crowd control products in a tropical environment or outdoors be sure to select a product that has an all aluminum construction. If a product is made of all steel such as inexpensive imports, it will rust and can not be corrected.

Glaro Crowd Control

Glaro Crowd Control Stanchions, Posts, Belts and Railing Systems.

2.    Look at the Post/Stanchion Base:  Select a heavy base that is less likely to tip over or be moved out of position. Crowd control manufacturers will provide their base weights to you when you inquire. We have found that a weight of about 30 pounds offers the stability and safety needed in any area.

3.    Straps and Ropes: Next, for retractable strap barriers, in order to stand up over time and prevent the strap from wrinkling and binding when retracting into posts or stanchions, it should be 100% thick gauged nylon and very tightly woven. If you would like a logo or message on your straps, it is important to find a company that can properly personalize your order. Customization of straps and rope is a growth area in the market right now.

If you select rope, be sure to order a rope with a solid cotton core instead of foam. Solid cotton cores are much more durable and long lasting. Make sure that the velour you select is 100% woven nylon rather than a cotton velour for similar reasons.

4.    Inner Spring: Now, think from the inside out.  The inner mechanism must have a long lasting durable spring that slowly retracts the straps in a safe way to avoid a slingshot effect.  The spring must be as effective after years of use as it is on day one. This is often not the case with non USA manufactured crowd control equipment. Sometimes a buyer might purchase cheap Chinese imports that are much lighter in weight and soon find that the mechanisms fail, the straps wrinkle and the finishes rust and they easily tip over. If you are looking for a long lasting reliable product, these aspects of your crowd control system are very important to research in advance.

5.    Selection and Customization of Finishes: Find a line where the company offers a variety of sizes and finishes where they can even design and customize their crowd control system to meet your particular needs. Don’t settle for less than a perfect solution.

6.    Signage: Be sure to provide the proper crowd control post mounted or separate floor standing signs to direct visitors guided through a security, queuing or maintenance areas. In other words, the equipment plus your message in combination will lead to the desired results.  For example, you might have a sign mounted on your crowd control post that says, “Please Enter Here” to provide clear directions.

7.    Shipping Timeline: Finally, if you need crowd control equipment by a certain date, it is important to know the manufacturers ability to ship to your deadline. Some companies can ship very quickly while others are very slow.  Ask the crowd control manufacturer or distributor for a clear shipping timeline and delivery date.

In sum, start by knowing what your real needs are in terms of quality, durability, customization, maintenance and functionality, as well as your timelines, and do your due diligence to find the right manufacturer or reseller.  If you have any specific questions, we invite you to send us a note by commenting here with your questions.  Thanks!