How To Get The Recycling Receptacles You Want Without Placing A Custom Order With The Manufacturer

goodbetterbestYou can get what you want without purchasing a pre-packaged “as is” product or custom ordering a product that may take weeks or months to develop, manufacture, and ship.

In our experience, getting what you want does not have to be complicated.  You just have to select the right manufacturer who is dedicated to serving your needs and making sure that you receive exactly what you have envisioned.

“What may be considered custom at other manufacturers is standard at Glaro” says Robert Betensky, Executive Vice President.  For commercial products such as recycling receptacles manufactured by Glaro Incorporated, customers can get whatever recycling receptacle or station they want because they take an active role in selecting the design, functionality, finish, messaging, and configuration of their receptacles from start to finish.  There is virtually an unlimited number of combinations.

The ordering process is simple, easy to follow, and every product is built to order.  “Sometimes people associate “customized “products with long wait times,” says Mr. Betensky.  “Glaro’s fine tuned system in assembling and finishing products quickly (between 1-3 days, on average) for each purchase order is unique to the marketplace.”

The extensive amount of choices and options also do not impact shipping timelines. “Every order is freshly produced, packed and shipped. We assemble and finish to order faster than other companies can ship out stock products,” added Plant Manager Bob Glass.

For those concerned with how the receptacles will match other products in their buildings, Glaro Inc. recycling receptacles can be coordinated to match other Glaro products used in the building.

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