Glaro Incorporated Is Celebrating 70 Years In Business

Glaro Inc. 70 Years In BusinessWhen 2015 begins, Glaro Inc. will celebrate seventy years in business!

The company has grown since its first product was fabricated out of a basement in the Bronx in 1945. However, even as Glaro has evolved, one thing has never changed: it is still an original American manufacturer. We are proud to be an American brand and to stand for something that is important to us—Made In The U.S.A.

Looking back, we honor the man who founded the company in 1945: Harry Glass. His vision, entrepreneurialism and work ethic continue to inspire employees today. Whether it was his ability to make truly distinctive products that “outperform” competitor’s products, his in-house production model that provided Glaro Inc. total control over every production stage, or his push to ship products faster than the competition, Harry helped Glaro Inc. become a unique brand. He created a company that stays competitive and strong, even when facing challenging economic periods.

Reaching a milestone like this has been made possible due to our extensive, supportive network of dealers and distributors. We also attribute our longevity to our loyal team of office and factory staff. They continue to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality in everything they do. Without them, the company would not be in the forefront of the industry.

For anyone interested in learning more about our 70 year journey, we would like to share our official press release with you here:  Glaro Inc. 70 Years In Business Press Announcement

We wish all of you a healthy, joyous and prosperous Holiday Season and a successful New Year!