Four Reasons To Use Crowd Control Railing Systems For Queue Management

Glaro Elite Portable Pedestrian Guidance & Crowd Control Railing SystemsEfficiently organizing visitors in your building requires thought, planning, and the right equipment.  Today we would like to introduce you to a very practical crowd control queuing system that is growing in popularity because of its unique benefits: portable crowd control railing systems manufactured by Glaro Incorporated.

Crowd control railing systems are similar to posts, rope, and strap systems, but straps and ropes are replaced with a heavy duty single or double horizontal rail system.  Let’s look at why they are a great product to consider as an alternative to traditional posts with straps or rope:

1.    Function & Stability: Structurally, rails are the most durable and effective crowd control products on the market.  Their all metal construction, heavy gauge aluminum components, and sturdy heavy weighted bases combine to present the appearance of permanence, security, and organization while creating the ultimate in safety and stability.  Two inch diameter horizontal rails have solid aluminum ends machined to fit tightly onto posts to establish a stable barrier that works even under the stress of crowds.

2.    Versatility: Unlike permanent railing systems that require expensive and time consuming professional installation, Elite Portable Pedestrian Guidance and Crowd Control Railing Systems (such as those from manufacturer Glaro Inc.), are specifically designed to be portable and easily rearranged and easy to store away when not in use.  Their modular design makes set up, installation, and rearranging a fast, easy process.  Rail lengths vary from three feet through six feet, so virtually any configuration and length can be designed.  The entire system can be moved anymore in a building within minutes if needed.

In addition, they are available with single or double horizontal rails.  By ordering two rails, a full barrier is created formulating the most effective barrier.

3.    Finishes: By being able to choose from satin aluminum, tarnish proof satin brass and 29 textured and smooth powder coat colors, the modular crowd control rail systems can easily coordinate with any décor, ranging from traditional to modern.  Virtually any look can be achieved.

4.    Set Up & Maintenance: Rail systems from Glaro Inc. require no maintenance and no tools for assembly are needed.  There are no moving parts.  Finishes are designed to conceal any and no polishing or chemicals are needed to clean their tarnish proof finish.  In addition the aluminum construction cannot rust.  They include a keyhole design for precision rail-to-post connection and can be easily assembled and disassembled in minutes.  As a result, they are some of the finest, low maintenance products ever conceived.

These four key features make the rail system a great solution for hotels and casinos, exhibition halls, lobbies, theaters, museums and galleries, security check in areas, showrooms, cashier stations, schools, teller and clerk windows, food service areas, transportation terminals, parking garages, government offices, and motor vehicle departments.

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