Compelling Reasons Why People Buy Wall Mounted Smoking Receptacles

4401 SA Glaro Wall Mounted Smoking ReceptacleWhile wall mounted smoking receptacles have a smaller capacity than floor standing models, they also have some significant benefits that are often overlooked. Glaro Inc. has scoured the Web reviewing what online users have to say about the pros and cons of wall mounted smoking receptacles (also known as smoker’s poles and smoking receptacles).

Let’s take a look at some of the features of metal wall mounted smoking receptacles that make them appealing to buy:   

•    Prevent people from throwing cigarette butts onto the ground
•    Classy and clean off-the-floor location
•    Solid construction, built-to-last design
•    Compact and unobtrusive / less visible and more discreet
•    Architecturally correct design (fits with contemporary or traditional styles)
•    Designed to endure outdoor weather conditions
•    Cigarette butts are concealed / not visible (compared to a sand urn)
•    Permanently mounted (only some floor standing models are permanent e.g. in-ground mounted smoking posts
•    Theft deterrent mounting (tubular models) e.g. Glaro Inc.’s models are “tamper resistant” with concealed customized keyholes
•    They won’t collect water outside due to their smart design
•    Top opening and front opening options (floor standing and tubular wall models are normally side opening only)
•    May be less expensive than floor standing smoking posts
•    Depending on the manufacturer, a customer may buy a receptacle with a secured spring action push button (e.g. Glaro Inc.), removable

Remember, wall mounted smoking receptacles can be used in combination with floor standing or floor mounted smoker’s posts to enable a facility to cover all areas and collect smoking debris properly.

Take advantage of the benefits of both at every facility, placing each strategically!