Announcing Glaro Inc. on Pintrest

PintrestThis is a quick announcement to invite you to our new Glaro Inc. Pintrest page, where we are sharing our professional photos of new products, classic Glaro products, educational product videos and behind-the-scenes photos of our fine staff who manufacture our products in the USA everyday.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Pintrest is a growing social networking site that allows people to easily share photos of the products and images they love. It’s a great platform that we are now using to provide another place on the web where our products can be explored and shared.

Especially if you are a web dealer selling Glaro products, pintrest is a great place to showcase Glaro products and connect with others who love the products. The accounts are free to create and they are simple to use as a tool to show your images, photos and infographics to your own customers and the millions of others already on the network.

We would love to connect with you there as well, so get in touch on our Glaro Inc. Facebook page or on Pintrest ( if you are looking for other ways to stay connected with all Glaro Inc. news and important industry updates.