8 Benefits of Using Custom Waste Receptacles and Recycling Receptacles

Should I consider custom waste receptacles, recycling receptacles, and trash cans?

For those who have decided that a generic recycling or waste receptacle just won’t do, customized waste receptacles, trash cans and recycling receptacles for indoor or outdoor use from reputable receptacles manufacturers are always strong options to consider.

Some of the benefits of custom receptacles are that they:

Custom All Metal Waste Receptacle With Company Logo and Messaging

Custom Metal Waste Receptacle With Company Logo and Messaging

1.    Fit neatly with design of a space
2.    Promote a brand or “logo” through custom branding and messaging
3.    Enhance your public image with something unique and attractive
4.    Are able to fit a unique need like encouraging recycling, good housekeeping etc. through actionable messaging
5.    Help identify that the waste receptacle is the property of a particular company or entity, which helps increase security and decreases the chances that someone will take your receptacles and reuse them elsewhere (on purpose or accidentally).
6.    Draw attention to your trash receptacles to encourage their use
7.    Increase your ability to customize the overall look of your receptacles by, in Glaro’s case, mixing and matching over 31 finishes, creating a monotone or dual tone look depending on how you finish the waste receptacle covers  vs. the waste receptacle bodies.
8.    Help promote your products and services (they can be used as advertisements to sell products and services) e.g. a yogurt company with giant yogurt symbol to draw people into the stores

Examples of customization include custom silk screened messages, custom wording and custom logos on receptacles; customized finish combinations that create a unique look; and, customized waste receptacle designs that fit a particular specification.

Whether you are a dealer researching custom waste receptacles or an end user, customized Glaro Inc. products offer a level of versatility and personalization that is rare in the receptacle manufacturing industry. If you are in need of receptacles for Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, Institutions, Government Buildings, Building Lobbies, Museums, Airports, Rest Stops, The Hospitality Industry or any  public place and customization is something you would like to learn more about, we encourage you to contact us. We are a happy to talk you through the options available to you or just answer some of your questions. Call 1-888-234-1050.

Here is one more example of a good use of customization to promote a brand:

Dual Purpose Powder Coat Finished Custom Recycling Waste Receptacle by Glaro Inc.

Dual Purpose Powder Coat Finished Custom Recycling Waste Receptacle by Glaro Inc.