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Why Do Metal Waste and Recycling Receptacles Outperform Plastic Receptacles?

Published on August 16, 2013 By admin

When we purchase any product, such as a waste receptacle, there are many costs and benefits to consider in addition to price. While a cheaper price may be an advantage in the short run, it may come with hidden costs to you, your building guests and even your profits. A cheaper plastic receptacle might actually […]

Three Ways Your Trash Receptacles Can Enhance Your Building Décor and Make Your Building Outstanding

Published on June 25, 2013 By admin

When you think about trash receptacles, you think about the utilitarian nature and functional aspect first. And it’s true: trash cans serve a purpose.  They do a job. But they can do much more than work.  After all, receptacles are located in public areas seen by everyone passing by daily.  In fact, receptacles can impact […]

5 Reasons Satin Finishes on Aluminum Waste Receptacles “Out-Shine” and “Out-Perform” Other Receptacles

Published on March 25, 2013 By admin

Glaro Inc. is well known for its versatile finishing options that include 29 smooth and baked powder coated colors and two ‘all metal’ finishes.  Today we would like to share one of the timeless classics: Glaro’s Satin Aluminum (SA) finish. A Satin Aluminum finish starts with a hand spun receptacle top and a hand crafted […]

“Made In America” Waste Receptacles and Recycling Receptacles That Support Jobs In America

Published on October 30, 2012 By admin

Made In America. Some of the best manufacturers still do it, everyday. Some choose not to, and the key is “choose.” When you choose to manufacture what were once American made products overseas, it’s a choice that can really impact customers, especially customers who value quality. With overseas manufacturers, often a cheaper price is provided […]

The Advantages of Decorative or Designer Waste Receptacles

Published on July 26, 2012 By admin

Trash receptaclesand recycling receptacles provide a solution for waste disposal. All too often, waste receptacles are poorly located, are in poor condition, or are simply not appealing enough for people to use.  Sometimes, building managers place sub-standard receptacles in low visibility areas because they are unsightly.  The result could be a dirty building. In commercial, […]