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Why ‘Snap-Release Buttons’ On Commercial Smoking Receptacles Are The New Standard

Published on February 6, 2015 By admin

What is a ‘snap-release button’ and how does it work on Glaro Inc. smoking receptacles? Dealers and facilities maintenance personnel are attracted to Glaro Smoker’s Post products because of an easy to use snap-release button. A snap-release push button is a special mechanism (see graphic to the LEFT) that secures the cap to the cigarette […]

A New North Dakota Smoking Ban Law Creates State Wide Demand For Smoker’s Posts and Cigarette Receptacles To Contain Cigarette Butts Outdoors

Published on December 12, 2012 By admin

A new North Dakota Smoking Ban went into effect December 6, 2012, banning smoking in all indoor workplaces. A previous law had a limited ban. According to news outlets, the new law (passed by voters in a November election) approximately one month ago expands to almost all public places and most workplaces, including public transportation, […]