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Three Ways To Make Your Recycling Receptacles Stand Out In Your Facility

Published on August 26, 2014 By admin

A successful recycling program starts with a plan that will get your building’s occupants to build healthy recycling habits. If you make recycling easy for them, then your success rate will be much higher. Here are three ways you can make your recycling receptacles stand out in your building to encourage their use:   1. […]

The 8 Essential Places Every Building Needs To Have Recycling Stations

Published on July 29, 2014 By admin

Are you managing waste in your building the most efficient way possible? Whether you work in a bank, a healthcare facility, a University or any type of office building, you all have one thing in common: the need to efficiently manage waste and recyclables. Environmental sustainability has become synonymous with corporate responsibility, and disposing of […]

How To Create Recycling Stations Using Connected Cans: Glaro RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles FAQ

Published on January 28, 2013 By admin

Can I combine any size recycling receptacles I would like into a recycling station or do I need to use all of the same diameter recycling cans to create a connected unit? While it is common to order three recycling receptacles of the same diameter (for example 15”) and connect them with Glaro connectors, you […]

7 Tips For Making Sure You Have The Right Recycling Receptacles In Your Building

Published on May 29, 2012 By admin

Most of us agree that recycling cans, bottles, paper and other recyclables is important.  Crafting an appropriate recycling program and identifying the right recycling receptacles, bins and containers to use in a building takes some thought. Here are seven tips: Think Ahead, Know Your Volume Know your recycling volume today, but also forecast ahead to […]

Benefits of Modular “Create Your Own” Recycling Stations

Published on January 26, 2012 By admin

Glaro, a leading USA manufacturer of waste receptacles, recently introduced a new format to present its recycling receptacles: Glaro RecyclePro modular recycling stations. The only system of its kind, Glaro all metal modular recycling stations, are the largest and most versatile line of metal recycling containers on the market offering an extensive selection of sizes, […]