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Glaro Incorporated Is Celebrating 70 Years In Business

Published on December 30, 2014 By admin

When 2015 begins, Glaro Inc. will celebrate seventy years in business! The company has grown since its first product was fabricated out of a basement in the Bronx in 1945. However, even as Glaro has evolved, one thing has never changed: it is still an original American manufacturer. We are proud to be an American […]

Manufacturer Glaro Incorporated Announces Innovative New Product Line of Wipe Dispensers, Wipes and Waste Receptacles To Its Dealers & Distributors

Published on May 30, 2014 By admin

Increasing demand and the need for more effective ways to prevent the spread of germs has fueled Glaro Incorporated’s launch of a new line of innovative disinfecting surface wipe dispensers, wipes and waste receptacles. Distributors and dealers can begin to offer the product line for sale immediately. Hauppauge, NY–Glaro Incorporated’s new wipes dispensers and wipes […]

What are the advantages of having wet umbrella bag holders and umbrella stands in your facility year-round?

Published on July 30, 2013 By admin

In recent years, many people have reported changing weather patterns resulting in damage to the environment and to buildings.  All business, facility, and property managers for small as well as large operations recognize the risk of dangerous wet and slippery floors as a result.  To avoid this serious exposure for injury, wet umbrella bag holders […]

Announcing Glaro Inc. on Pintrest

Published on February 12, 2013 By admin

This is a quick announcement to invite you to our new Glaro Inc. Pintrest page, where we are sharing our professional photos of new products, classic Glaro products, educational product videos and behind-the-scenes photos of our fine staff who manufacture our products in the USA everyday. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Pintrest […]

Two Questions You Need To Answer To Select The Right Crowd Control System For Your Facility

Published on November 30, 2012 By admin

Shopping for crowd control products can be a challenge because there are many different crowd management products on the market with varying benefits and features.  In a recent article, we discussed some of the product-based features to think about including: •    Construction materials used (aluminum, steel, plastic etc.) •    Type of stanchion base (heavy duty, […]