What are the advantages of having wet umbrella bag holders and umbrella stands in your facility year-round?

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Glaro Umbrella Stands and Wet Umbrella Bag HoldersIn recent years, many people have reported changing weather patterns resulting in damage to the environment and to buildings.  All business, facility, and property managers for small as well as large operations recognize the risk of dangerous wet and slippery floors as a result.  To avoid this serious exposure for injury, wet umbrella bag holders and umbrella stands are practical solutions. They store umbrellas as guests enter a building and they neatly collect water from inclement weather.  Keeping floors dry minimizes the need for excessive floor maintenance.

Attractive umbrella stands are perfect for coat check rooms, waiting rooms, offices, funeral homes, small retail stores, residential, bellman stations, libraries, showrooms, and any other places where visitors or employees enter.  Umbrella stands have the added advantage of allowing visitors to regain the use of both hands while shopping, eating, and while engaging in any activity they choose.  They can also be used year-round and they accommodate both tote and full sized umbrellas.

Finally, if a facility already has a color scheme and a specific interior design, satin aluminum and tarnish proof satin brass finishes make attractive additions which can elevate a building’s overall décor.

More information about umbrella stands and wet umbrella holders and stands can be found at glaro.com.

Three Ways Your Trash Receptacles Can Enhance Your Building Décor and Make Your Building Outstanding

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glaro monte carlo brass designer trash receptaclesWhen you think about trash receptacles, you think about the utilitarian nature and functional aspect first.

And it’s true: trash cans serve a purpose.  They do a job.

But they can do much more than work.  After all, receptacles are located in public areas seen by everyone passing by daily.  In fact, receptacles can impact your guest’s first impressions of your property.

Trash cans actually have the power to transform a bland, monotone location into an engaging, colorful one with design accents and “notes” that elevate the experience of building tenants and visitors.  Glaro Inc. has designed extensive product lines around this very concept.

Glaro.  Inc. offers the following three ways to make your receptacles stand out while improving the look and “feel” of your location:

Quality, Designer Finishes

Find a finish that looks great in your building or office suite and fits well into the space’s color palette.  Many people do not know that Glaro Inc., a leading manufacturer, will provide a choice of smooth, textured, and gloss finishes, as well as satin aluminum and tarnish-proof satin brass.  Glaro Inc.is well known for its versatile finishing options that include 29 smooth or textured baked powder coated colors and two “metal’ finishes.  Receptacles may have matching covers and bodies as in “all satin Aluminum” or coordinated finishes such as with a striking brass cover with a green body.  In sum, they provide the variety of finishes as well as the option of customizing the product.

Designer Accent Bands

At Glaro Inc., any powder coat finish can be supplied for the bodies with one of three types of covers finishes: matching covers, satin aluminum covers, or tarnish-proof satin brass covers.  To enhance receptacles further, Glaro Inc. offers the Monte Carlo, banded design.  Three individual metal bands in your choice of satin brass, satin aluminum, or a finish to match the bodies are wrapped around the body of the receptacles in specially formed decorative channels.  The final “look”: a stunning, sophisticated, high-end, elegant, and distinct appearance.  Accent bands are a great way to make an impression by doing something different and unique in your lobby or anywhere in your building.

 A Design Theme That Is Consistent Indoors and Out

Waste receptacle manufacturers such as Glaro have receptacles that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.  If you would like to match your outdoor receptacles to your indoor receptacles select the models with a canopy top.  Canopy top receptacles keep rain water from entering the inner container during adverse weather conditions.  These units provide the range of designs needed to maintain a design theme outdoors as well as indoors while maximizing function.  Visitors and employees will experience a seamless design transition wherever they are.

If you are in need of receptacles for Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, Institutions, Government Buildings, Building Lobbies, Museums, Airports, Rest Stops, The Hospitality Industry, or any public place, we encourage you to contact us. The products your order will be shipped in a few days.

The Glaro team is happy to speak with you or answer any questions you may have.  Call 1-888-234-1050.


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Why A Single Queuing Line May Be The Single Most Important Thing You Do In The Front Of House

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Crowd Control Queuing Systems  “Any system that is inefficient will inevitably be replaced by a better one that is able to create a better outcome for all parties.”  – Glaro Inc.

Remember when hotdogs were 25 cents?  Or when a movie ticket was $4.95?

We all have memories of the past and how things werethen.

When it comes to managing queuing lines, we don’t always have the most pleasant memories in stores, hotel counters, rental car counters, banks, airlines, refreshment counters, at the movies etc.  In the past, many of you may have experienced something like the following:

“You finish shopping or enter an establishment and begin you head for the cashier or teller.  You secretly hoped for no lines but it is a busy day.  As you approach the check in or check out area you are faced with a dilemma to pick the shortest line because there are several lines.  Which would you choose?

You scrutinize each line to evaluate the features that might work for you or against you.  For example, you factor in lines with overloaded carts, many carts, and the speed of the cashier, teller, or clerk to decide if this is the right line for you.  You make your choice and start monitoring the lines.  You ask yourself “Am I on the fastest line?”  Did I make the best choice?  It is a gamble at best!

Inevitably someone got on another line and they get to the check-out station before you.

You did not blame the cashier, you blamed the store, and the reason you did is because: IT JUST ISN”T FAIR.  THEY WEREN’T THINKING ABOUT ME and my time.

Instantly a customer that has had a negative shopping experience can find him or herself not just frustrated, but blaming the store for “inefficiency,”  “bad service,”  “slow service,” or “slow lines.”  The average shopper tells 15 people when they have had a bad experience.  A post on a social network can actually reach hundreds of people in an instant.  Bad experiences travel faster and further than ever before.

What we can all learn from this anecdote: how we organize our lines IS directly related to how our building visitors feel and perceive the level of service we provide.  A company’s reputation and its bottom line can be affected by “walk aways” and bad shopping experiences or a bad experience for building visitors.

And then the single queuing line was born.  As seen in banks (like Chase) and stores like TJMaxx, in this system, all shoppers or visitors are organized into one master line.  It is finally a fair system of “first come, first serve”.  Customers are served in the order that they arrive.  The tellers call either a cash register number or a verbal cue to come to a specific teller or cashier.  Customers are much less likely to feel that they were treated “unfairly” or feel frustration in this single line “call forward” “next in line” system.  Some locations may also have an expediter to help move customers from the line to the check- out/registration station even faster.

In sum, while a single line queuing system may not be the final way to organize people, it certainly puts building visitors more at ease and creates the perception of “fairness”.  This method of organizing visitors, queue management, is a proven and efficient manner of “crowd control.”

To learn how you can keep customers happier and organize visitors better, feel free to call Glaro Inc. at 1-888-234-1050 and speak to a member of our staff.

What trends do you see in queue management?

How could you improve your own facility’s line management?

This Spring 2013, Glaro Inc. Offers Tips for Selecting the Right Bellman Carts for Hotels, Condos, Airports, and Other Properties

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Special Glaro News Update

Hauppauge, NY (Press Release) May 01, 2013 (taken from http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb2013bellmancarts/04/prweb10668475.htm)

Glaro Inc., a leading USA manufacturer of bellman carts, luggage carts, and upscale platform trucks known widely for its innovative “Glaro Glider” carts, has taken proactive steps to make sure that buildings and properties across the United States are properly equipped this spring and summer travel season. Glaro Inc. suggests that properties consider the following four tips about bellman and luggage carts as they research and investigate the right carts for their facilities.


First and foremost, Glaro suggests purchasing a cart that is easy to move, easy to turn and easy to push or pull. “Glaro Inc. offers six wheel bellman carts that have the highest performance in the industry,” says Executive Vice President Robert Betensky. “Pushing or pulling from either end is easy and efficient. The operator maintains complete control at all times. Therefore, the design is perfect for self-service as well as bellman applications.” Glaro Inc. carts with six wheels pivot in place, turning on an axis. Company executives say this “phenomenon” known by industry experts as “pinpoint maneuverability” is especially useful around elevators, corners and in tight spaces. Damage to wall and door frames is greatly reduced with a cart that can be controlled so easily. An extra benefit of the six wheel design is a higher load capacity. Mr. Betensky added, “Maneuverability is at the top of the list. That’s why the Glaro Glider was born.”


Glaro suggests purchasing from a USA manufacturer whose bellman cart product lines offer both selection and versatility, essentially enabling you to create your own cart. Executives say that a good company will provide a selection of four and six wheel carts, several capacities (lengths), various finishes, wheel and bumper system options and even accessories such as shelves, convenience rails, hooks and bars. Properties may also wish to have their logos applied to the carpeting to further their branding and look of exclusivity. Many properties have high traffic volumes, especially those that accommodate bus loads of visitors. At these locations, a high capacity cart that will hold more weight and more cubic footage of luggage due to the design of the frame is needed, as found in Glaro’s “High Roller” line.


Glaro Inc. suggests looking for low maintenance quality bellman’s carts. “We recommend all-weather, rust and corrosion proof carts made with aluminum frames,” mentioned Mr. Betensky. Manufacturers such as Glaro Inc., for example, engineer frames and chassis that are rust proof and can therefore be used indoors and outdoors. The company suggests selecting carts that are not constructed from solid brass, which tarnishes easily and need continuous maintenance. Mirror chrome, mirror plated and brass plated finishes also chip and rust. “The best alternative is satin polished aluminum and tarnish proof satin brass. These finishes are less costly and easier to clean than solid brass or brass plated finishes, which require polishing,” offers Plant Manager Bob Glass. Beyond finishes, Glaro Inc. suggests using quality ball bearing wheels with 8-inch diameter casters and avoiding those with 6-inch casters, which wear out faster and do not easily navigate over uneven surfaces or carpeting.

Design Appeal and Aesthetics

Glaro Inc. suggests that your bellman carts present an appearance “worthy” of a “front of the house” position in your lobby, condo, dormitory, nursing home, airport, or building. Selecting a cart that fits seamlessly with a building’s décor is essential, and it is part of customer service. “A cart can actually enhance an area but should never detract from the overall aesthetics. Appearances matter, especially in service based and hospitality industries.” Asking about the variety, number, and types of finishes available is an important part of the research process.

Glaro Gliders, the bellman cart manufacturer’s well-known bellman cart line, come in a variety of designs and prices so that customers can choose exactly what they want. “They are attractive, low maintenance, durable and unmatched by any other company when it comes to value, maneuverability, and control,” says Mr. Betensky. Each Glaro Glider model comes in three sizes, 15 designs, 31 finishes, including clear coated satin aluminum, tarnish proof satin brass, and 29 textured and smooth powder coated colors. Every cart is manufactured in the USA.

To learn more about Glaro Inc. Glider bellman carts or learn more bellman cart shopping tips, Glaro Inc. can be reached at 1-888-234-1050 or info(at)glaro(dot)com.

About Glaro Incorporated:
Glaro Inc. (glaro.com) is a leading USA manufacturer of commercial and consumer aluminum and steel products sold directly to distributors/dealers for almost 70 years. All products ship in 1 to 3 days. Glaro Inc. products are the result of a focus on thoughtful innovation and design. Product lines include bellman luggage carts, platform trucks, waste receptacles, recycling receptacles, smokers’ posts and receptacles, crowd control posts and systems, safety barriers, signs, sign frames, directories, menu display stands, coat hanging equipment, umbrella stands, wet umbrella bag holders, metal planters, and key drop boxes. A diverse selection of models in 31 finishes is produced in the Hauppauge, New York plant by skilled Glaro Inc. craftsmen. The company is known for its quality merchandise and its ability to consistently quick ship all products. The customer service department provides unusually prompt personal service and is sensitive to the needs of dealers and distributors.

“Inside Glaro” Series: Pinpoint Maneuverability, Conceiving The Future of Bellman Carts

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Not all bellman carts are made equal.

Not when maneuverability is a priority.

Over the years, we at Glaro Inc. have found that most carts on the market were hard to push and pull or could only be used from one end. Many carts could not hold heavy loads and still move with ease.  Most were difficult to use in tight spaces and around corners. Many carts were responsible for damage to wall, doors, door-frames, and elevators.

Conventional Bellman CartsOne thing became clear: conventional carts were creating frustration for building managers and visitors yet no company had solved this issue to date.

So, we set out to fix the problem. We tested carts. We looked at imports and domestic carts. And we asked the tough questions.

We then took a fresh look at bellman carts. We created a simple goal:  design durable stunning bellman luggage carts that are easy to use by anybody anywhere, can maneuver flawlessly with heavy loads, and require almost no maintenance, all at an affordable price.

Glaro engineers and craftsmen went back to the drawing board, consulted with facility managers, and responded by developing a way to modify a six wheel bellman cart such that it would become more ergonomic and so easy to use even young children who do not have the strength could safely operate a loaded cart.

 “Pinpoint Maneuverability” was conceived.

Pinpoint Maneuverability allows Glaro Glider carts to pivot in place, enabling the inner wheels to create an axis that lightens the loads on both ends and redistributes weight so that the cart chassis can virtually turn in place.  Weight is smoothly distributed over six wheels instead of two.

Glaro Glider Bellman Carts with 360 Turn RadiusThe result: a lighter feel, more control, and tight steering with unmatched performance.

Because of “Pinpoint Maneuverability”, Glaro carts easily maneuver through tight spaces, around corners, and in and out of small elevators.  Unlike other carts, you can stand on “either end” of the cart and “push or pull” from either end with a very heavy load.  Glaro carts have even been used in theatrical dance productions because they are so easy to wheel on and off stage and can be used as highly maneuverable props.

In the end, Glaro carts represent what the company is all about: the customers and an approach to design that embodies the best of both form and function.

Anyone interested in a test run can give us a call at 1-888-234-1050 or speak to a customer service representative to answer your questions.  As an American brand, Glaro Inc. proudly produces all carts in the USA and ships them in a matter of days as part of its Quick Ship program.

5 Reasons Satin Finishes on Aluminum Waste Receptacles “Out-Shine” and “Out-Perform” Other Receptacles

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Satin Aluminum Waste ReceptaclesGlaro Inc. is well known for its versatile finishing options that include 29 smooth and baked powder coated colors and two ‘all metal’ finishes.  Today we would like to share one of the timeless classics:

Glaro’s Satin Aluminum (SA) finish.

A Satin Aluminum finish starts with a hand spun receptacle top and a hand crafted body made from aluminum sheeting.  Each part through multiple steps is polished at a very high speed to change the surface to a super fine grain satin finish innovated and perfected by Glaro over many years.  A very durable clear baked powder coating is applied to help preserve the finish and process.

The result is a satin aluminum waste receptacle that stands out from the pack aesthetically and leads its category in durability.

Here are five reasons why Glaro satin aluminum waste receptacles may be the ideal receptacle for your facility:


Satin Aluminum receptacles have a beautiful, lustrous, bright, and sleek appearance that lasts indefinitely.  They don an upscale finish, and they display a classier, more architecturally modern look perfect for any décor that is a perfect choice for average as well as high end facilities.


Their all metal construction is fireproof, weather proof, and ideal for salt air moist environments.  The clear coatings resist burns, scratches, and wear marks.  Aluminum waste receptacles can last a lifetime. 

They Are “Greener” Receptacles:

Glaro Incorporated’s aluminum waste receptacles are 100% post-consumer recyclable and they are made from 30% recycled aluminum.  Combining their Green materials with their durability makes them some of the toughest, eco-friendly metal waste receptacles on the market.

Ease of Maintenance:

Satin finishes on Aluminum Receptacles have many advantages.  They retain a bright appearance indefinitely and they clean easily with a damp cloth without streaking.  No expensive abrasives or chemicals harmful to the environment are necessary to clean them.


Many receptacles on the market will rust, wear, tarnish, and corrode quickly if placed outdoors.  Because aluminum cannot rust, it is the ideal material for using outdoors and indoors and is therefore an excellent choice over stainless steel which easily shows streaking, water marks, and dirt and may develop a light coating of rust if it is a lower grade alloy.

In sum, the combination of using aluminum with a satin finish is almost impossible to surpass if appearance, durability, environmental sustainability, maintenance, and indoor/outdoor readiness are important to you in a waste receptacle.

For more information on Glaro products, you can visit www.glaro.com

Here is a link to Glaro’s collection of color finishes.

5 Ways Your Facility Can “Get Greener” And Save Money By Using Metal Recycling Receptacles

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Go Green

Whether you are a hotel, casino, restaurant, or any public or private facility, there are always ways to improve your recycling program to make your facility “greener.”  Here are five tips that are good for the environment and good for your bottom line.

1.    Use items with recycled content and post-consumer recyclables in your facility.  Upholding a higher “green” standard may be easier than you think.  Use metal recycling receptacles made from recycled metals such as fire safe aluminum and galvanized steel and whose materials can be used again and again in new products re-manufactured decades later.  The top recycling receptacle manufacturers (such as Glaro Inc.) use recycled content and ensure that recycling receptacles are 100% post consumer recyclable.

2.    Use durable recycling products that last. Durability is an attractive feature if you would like to be eco-friendly because products that are built to last cost you less in the long run by saving significant energy required to continually replacing products. Replacing products requires more manufacturing, more energy, more labor, more byproducts, more shipping, more hydrocarbons, more waste, and ultimately more money.

3.    Consider purchasing locally manufactured recycling products. A recycling receptacle made in the USA not only supports local jobs and economic growth, but it also saves a tremendous amount of resources that are put into transportation, fuel and labor seen in all imports. Which is less taxing on the environment? A receptacle made in New York and shipped to New Jersey, or a receptacle made in China and then shipped across the seas.  Think locally. Think greener.

4.    Encourage participation by building visitors and guests. Educating building visitors with proper signage that results in a recycling participation rate as close to 100% as possible is a great way to get “Greener.”  You can reduce pollution just by asking your visitors to put that recyclable in the proper bin.

Top manufacturers of recycling receptacles will provide you the option to add on a customized silk screened message to your recycling receptacle. You can also add sign posts and signage to encourage recycling.  Using attractive metal receptacles with the best finishes to coordinate with your areas will help attract visitors and provide them with an improved customer experience as they recycle at the same time.

5.    Use recycling receptacles with individual openings for each type of recyclable.  Many of us have seen (and used) the “one type fits all” recycling receptacles in which any type of recycling materials can be disposed.  Many of them are made from plastic* which is harmful to the environment.  However, in areas where keeping waste streams separate is required, and still different types of recyclables are mixed together, additional labor is then required to sort them later.  This additional labor means more costs.  If you use recycling receptacles such as Glaro Inc. connected recycling stations, single purpose units, dual purpose recycling receptacles and triple purpose recycling receptacles, then bottles, cans, paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, batteries, and waste will be sorted at the point of disposal.  That saves labor and energy downstream and it is a greener way to implement a recycling program than a “one type fits all” recycling bin.

*”And although some plastics can be recycled, most aren’t (either because they can’t be or because people don’t). For example, only around one-quarter of 1 percent of the more than 7 billion pounds (3.2 billion kilograms) of discarded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is recycled each year in the U.S., and PVC is one of the world’s most common plastics [source: Clean Air Council].”

In sum, when “going green,” finding practical ways to integrate a recycling program into a facility that will help preserve the environment, while saving money in the long run, is the method of choice.  In the case of using recycling products as described above, the extra benefit is better value for the dollar because your dollar then lasts longer, works better,  goes further, and is investing in the future of the environment.

American receptacle manufacturers such as Glaro Inc. choose to produce products that support the above green strategies. Glaro Inc. incorporates the above concepts into their recycling products to do its part in manufacturing “greener” products and encourages other American manufacturers to do the same.

Announcing Glaro Inc. on Pintrest

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PintrestThis is a quick announcement to invite you to our new Glaro Inc. Pintrest page, where we are sharing our professional photos of new products, classic Glaro products, educational product videos and behind-the-scenes photos of our fine staff who manufacture our products in the USA everyday.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Pintrest is a growing social networking site that allows people to easily share photos of the products and images they love. It’s a great platform that we are now using to provide another place on the web where our products can be explored and shared.

Especially if you are a web dealer selling Glaro products, pintrest is a great place to showcase Glaro products and connect with others who love the products. The accounts are free to create and they are simple to use as a tool to show your images, photos and infographics to your own customers and the millions of others already on the network.

We would love to connect with you there as well, so get in touch on our Glaro Inc. Facebook page or on Pintrest (http://pinterest.com/glaro/) if you are looking for other ways to stay connected with all Glaro Inc. news and important industry updates.

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How To Create Recycling Stations Using Connected Cans: Glaro RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles FAQ

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Glaro Satin Aluminum RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles in Connected Units

Can I combine any size recycling receptacles I would like into a recycling station or do I need to use all of the same diameter recycling cans to create a connected unit?

While it is common to order three recycling receptacles of the same diameter (for example 15”) and connect them with Glaro connectors, you can use any size receptacle from any Glaro recycling receptacle line in any configuration you want and create your own combination.

Glaro recycling receptacles are specially designed to be able to form any look or configuration you desire. This flexibility is possible because Glaro Inc. connectors are universal, allowing mixed sizes of receptacles to be easily connected.

Example 1: You can have one 20” diameter can in a central position combined with two adjacent 15” receptacles (one for recycling cans and one for recycling bottles). Each unit can be used individually, or they can become a recycling station with a Glaro connector set.

Example 2: Alternatively, you could have two 20” receptacles in outside positions with two 15” recycling receptacles in inside positions, creating a four piece station. It is up to you.

Or, as we mentioned, you can use them individually or connect two or more units using our connectors.

Glaro Inc. factory connector holes will be positioned according to the desired recycling receptacle layout configuration you order. Specifying your configuration first allows Glaro to provide the appropriate connector hole positioning on each unit. Pre-drilled holes in the appropriate locations make assembling receptacles at their final destination a simple, straightforward process requiring minimal work.

How to Order a Glaro Recycling Station using Connected Cans:

  1. Select some sizes or mixed sizes of receptacles (12”, 15” or 20” diameters) and the quantity of each you wish to purchase [choose a catalog number]. Note the varying openings available e.g. slots, holes or slots with center holes.
  2. Select your finish (Glaro offers 29 smooth powder coated finishes and two satin finishes i.e. satin aluminum and tarnish-proof satin brass)
  3. Specify the silk screened message you would like on each (bottles, cans, paper, waste, or bottles & cans). Each can comes standard with a recycle logo except the can for “waste”.   Messages are silk screened onto the bodies below the recycle logo.
  4. Order optional clear poly liner bags to fit your receptacles.

Call (631) 234-1717 for more information or to speak to a salesperson.

4 New Innovative Deck Surfaces Revealed On New Glaro Platform Carts

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New Glaro Inc. Platform Trucks and Platform Carts Glaro Inc. recently launched a new Glaro Glider line of platform carts. Designed to be durable but attractive ”work-horses,” the new platform carts are built strong for the hospitality and healthcare industries, industrial settings or for use anywhere. They operate at the same level as Glaro Glider bellman carts while outperforming standard platform carts currently on the market.  They are also some of the most aesthetically pleasing designs ever developed.

Among the many positive features available is having the opportunity to select one of four deck coverings.  Below is a brief description of each platform truck decking style:

Coined Design Vinyl Deck Covering
Sanitary, slip resistant, and easy to clean, black and grey coin design PVC deck coverings have a tough, durable surface that is wear resistant and non-slip. Slightly raised embossed circular patterns help stabilize cargo during transport.  In addition, vinyl deck coverings are non marking. They will not damage or scuff the products or cargo placed on the platform cart.

Galvanized Steel Deck with Baked Powder Coat Finish
Steel decking is available in your choice of tough silver vein or black powder coated finishes.  An additional 27 powder coat finishes are available upon request.  Steel decking is known in the industry as a hearty, rough and tough surface. In fact they are the hardest deck covering available on platform trucks and the first choice for strictly utility use both indoors and outdoors. They are scratch and chip resistant and are easily cleaned. Because they have a powder coat finish they can match almost any décor in any building.

Satin Polished Aluminum Deck Covering
Satin polished aluminum decking provides a very hi tech, sleek, more modern look than other deck coverings. They will not rust and they are easy to clean and sanitize. A heavy clear powder coating is baked onto satin polished sheet to match the cart’s standard satin aluminum handle.  This decking option provides the most uniform appearance between the deck and its handles. Aluminum decks are non-magnetic.  They do not absorb and retain as much heat as steel.

Here is a snapshot of what the vinyl decking, aluminum decking and steel decking look like (larger, better color shots are available on the Glaro.com website platform trucks page):

Glaro Deck Coverings for Platform Trucks & Platform Carts





100% Olefin fiber creates a soft,  yet durable, decorative surface that will not mark items placed onto the platform cart. Olefin is fade resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean, and will not absorb moisture. It is a weather resistant material perfect for use indoors and out.  Available in a selection of six colors;  Any facility can match their platform trucks with their bellman carts, commonly used along side of each other  in the hospitality industry, condominium, dormitories, airports, clothing showrooms, in office buildings and anywhere clothing or uniforms are used and packages and freight are transported. Here are some color choices available:

Platform Trucks Carpet Colors on Glaro Inc. Carts




Finally, on any metal finish or carpet, high quality silk screened custom logos or messages can be added to any platform cart or platform truck. Between these four deck covering options and a number of other decorative options (click here for the downloadable platform trucks brochure), virtually any cart can be manufactured to meet your needs.

If you are a dealer in the industrial, hospitality, building management, educational, or janitorial industry online or offline, adding these new platform carts is a great way to bring to your customers superior form and function at competitive pricing.

More detailed information can be found on the official Glaro Inc. website: www.glaro.com or by calling (631) 234-1717.

A New North Dakota Smoking Ban Law Creates State Wide Demand For Smoker’s Posts and Cigarette Receptacles To Contain Cigarette Butts Outdoors

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State Law Prohibits Smoking (North Dakota)

A new North Dakota Smoking Ban went into effect December 6, 2012, banning smoking in all indoor workplaces. A previous law had a limited ban. According to news outlets, the new law (passed by voters in a November election) approximately one month ago expands to almost all public places and most workplaces, including public transportation, cabs, private nursing homes, motels, and bars. Smoking within 20 feet of an entrance to any public building is now against the law. Individuals who break the North Dakota smoking law will incur fines of $50. If a bar in N. Dakota does not comply, they may have their liquor and tobaccos license revoked.

The impact of the new law will effect everyone from business owners, occupants, and visitors to residents.  Because the law bans indoor smoking, smokers will be required to smoke outdoors. In order to keep facilities clean, safe and professional looking, fire safe North Dakota smoker’s posts and receptacles will be needed around the State to keep cigarette butts contained and smokers organized in designated smoking areas.

If you are a Glaro Inc. dealer/distributor or any other dealer, many facilities owners in North Dakota are likely in search of smoker’s posts. You can assist them by reaching out and helping them solve the statewide smoking management issues they are currently facing. It is a great opportunity for you and a great solution for North Dakota.

More info:  http://www.prairiebizmag.com/event/article/id/13070/

Two Questions You Need To Answer To Select The Right Crowd Control System For Your Facility

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Glaro Inc. Crowd Control ProductsShopping for crowd control products can be a challenge because there are many different crowd management products on the market with varying benefits and features.  In a recent article, we discussed some of the product-based features to think about including:

•    Construction materials used (aluminum, steel, plastic etc.)
•    Type of stanchion base (heavy duty, lightweight, rubber, steel, cast iron)
•    Straps, Ropes, or chain (nylon, velvet, plastic, steel etc.)
•    Inner spring mechanism quality for retractable straps
•    Selection and customization of finishes available
•    Signage required as an add-on (post mounted, floor standing, wall mounted etc.)
•    Shipping lead time

Today, we would like to discuss the planning stage once you have clarified what you intend to accomplish by installing a crowd control system.  What variables need to be considered during the product selection process?

1)    What does the décor of the space require in terms of style and presentation?  2)  How flexible does your crowd management or pedestrian control system need to be?

We find that the décor of the space influences the choice of product.  Does a crowd control system whose design reflects “old world elegance” fit best, or does a newer, more contemporary style seem more appropriate for the building’s interior design?  What would make most sense to your visitors?  What will accomplish the task and enhance the environment as well?

For example, a commercial bank in an urban area will often experience varying flows of people based on the day of the week and time of day.  A “pay day” itself can lead to large influxes of customers in a bank looking to cash checks and make deposits.  Because banks can experience tremendous variations in traffic, a flexible crowd control system such as Glaro’s “Extenda-Barrier” retractable strap portable stanchions built on heavy duty bases, is the first consideration.  If the bank is a chain, most often a contemporary, commercial “look” will be appropriate consisting of Extenda-Barrier posts rather than more regal, elegant velvet ropes, for example that you might see at a “red carpet” event.

When flexibility is a priority, another consideration for a commercial building that requires queuing systems are modular metal crowd control railing systems.  Different than expensive welded railings that require an extensive installation process, modular railing systems are easier to install, reconfigure and even store.  They are also available in single or double railings to deter people from ducking under or “cutting” lines (most retractable straps do not provide this feature).  Crowd control railing systems are also built with a unique keyhole design that makes connecting and disconnecting rails from posts fast and easy.  As a result, they can be reconfigured, without tools, as needed in just a few minutes.  Generally for queuing systems, aisles are three feet wide and posts are spaced six feet apart.  By using three feet long or six feet long rails (or ropes), virtually ANY size pedestrian queuing line can be formed.  Glaro Incorporated is the innovator and manufacturer of the Elite Rail Crowd Control Post and Rail System described above.

Knowing beforehand 1) your décor requirements, and 2) how flexible your queuing systems need to be to accommodate the expected type and flow of traffic in your building, will help you select the appropriate queuing systems for your building.  Finally, if supporting American manufacturing and choosing quality workmanship is important to you, choose an American brand over an import.

Four Reasons To Use Crowd Control Railing Systems For Queue Management

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Glaro Elite Portable Pedestrian Guidance & Crowd Control Railing SystemsEfficiently organizing visitors in your building requires thought, planning, and the right equipment.  Today we would like to introduce you to a very practical crowd control queuing system that is growing in popularity because of its unique benefits: portable crowd control railing systems manufactured by Glaro Incorporated.

Crowd control railing systems are similar to posts, rope, and strap systems, but straps and ropes are replaced with a heavy duty single or double horizontal rail system.  Let’s look at why they are a great product to consider as an alternative to traditional posts with straps or rope:

1.    Function & Stability: Structurally, rails are the most durable and effective crowd control products on the market.  Their all metal construction, heavy gauge aluminum components, and sturdy heavy weighted bases combine to present the appearance of permanence, security, and organization while creating the ultimate in safety and stability.  Two inch diameter horizontal rails have solid aluminum ends machined to fit tightly onto posts to establish a stable barrier that works even under the stress of crowds.

2.    Versatility: Unlike permanent railing systems that require expensive and time consuming professional installation, Elite Portable Pedestrian Guidance and Crowd Control Railing Systems (such as those from manufacturer Glaro Inc.), are specifically designed to be portable and easily rearranged and easy to store away when not in use.  Their modular design makes set up, installation, and rearranging a fast, easy process.  Rail lengths vary from three feet through six feet, so virtually any configuration and length can be designed.  The entire system can be moved anymore in a building within minutes if needed.

In addition, they are available with single or double horizontal rails.  By ordering two rails, a full barrier is created formulating the most effective barrier.

3.    Finishes: By being able to choose from satin aluminum, tarnish proof satin brass and 29 textured and smooth powder coat colors, the modular crowd control rail systems can easily coordinate with any décor, ranging from traditional to modern.  Virtually any look can be achieved.

4.    Set Up & Maintenance: Rail systems from Glaro Inc. require no maintenance and no tools for assembly are needed.  There are no moving parts.  Finishes are designed to conceal any and no polishing or chemicals are needed to clean their tarnish proof finish.  In addition the aluminum construction cannot rust.  They include a keyhole design for precision rail-to-post connection and can be easily assembled and disassembled in minutes.  As a result, they are some of the finest, low maintenance products ever conceived.

These four key features make the rail system a great solution for hotels and casinos, exhibition halls, lobbies, theaters, museums and galleries, security check in areas, showrooms, cashier stations, schools, teller and clerk windows, food service areas, transportation terminals, parking garages, government offices, and motor vehicle departments.

More information on crowd control can be found here.

“Made In America” Waste Receptacles and Recycling Receptacles That Support Jobs In America

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Glaro Proudly Manufacturers All Products In The USAMade In America. Some of the best manufacturers still do it, everyday.

Some choose not to, and the key is “choose.”

When you choose to manufacture what were once American made products overseas, it’s a choice that can really impact customers, especially customers who value quality. With overseas manufacturers, often a cheaper price is provided at the cost of quality. There are often much longer shipping timelines (as long as 6 to 8 weeks or more) and a great deal of energy expended in the shipping process to purchase something that is made virtually around the corner. But more so, there is less certainty.  Who will you get on the phone when you call customer service? Will they be able to help you quickly as a dealer? Is the product reliable? Will we have the same variety of products and finishes as we do from an American manufacturer like Glaro Inc.?  Are the products manufactured in facilities with humane conditions? Are we all doing our part to grow the American economy? There are many questions to ask.

Glaro has all the right answers!

At Glaro Inc., our choice is to support American manufacturing and American jobs.  Ensuring certainty and building confidence are key core elements of the brand and always will be.

Manufacturing aluminum and steel waste receptacles in the USA since 1945, helps Glaro Inc. provide many advantages over foreign producers including:

–    Better quality leading to more durable products
–    Faster shipping timelines
–    A larger and more diverse selection of products, designs, and finishes
–    Customization of products
–    A smaller carbon footprint and less environmental impact
–    Jobs that keep people in America working
–    Prices not impacted by shipping costs, tariffs, and other surcharges

Glaro Inc. is proud to be a leading American manufacturer of waste receptacles, recycling receptacles and dozens of other products lines.  We are just as proud to support American jobs and employ all of our staff on American soil since 1945.

“Certainty,” A Powerful Word

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Count On Certainty from Glaro Inc.Uncertainty is on our minds as we approach this election and as we look at everything from the stock market’s volatility to job growth.

Why does the market swing? Uncertainty.

Why do companies slow hiring? Uncertainty.

Uncertainty is undeniably a powerful force even as we think about the American receptacles manufacturing sector:

Uncertainty about quality. Uncertainty about timing. Uncertainty about safety. And the list goes on. Any executive or dedicated employee knows that breaches in certainty in these areas can bring a company to its knees.

At Glaro Inc. we know that when a company is certain, so will their customers be.

Even with so much uncertainty on a macro level, we know there are so many ways that we can create, manufacture and deliver “certainty” everyday. At Glaro Inc. we have worked very hard to build a real American brand that is able to own every step of the manufacturing and service process from end to end. Glaro’s total in-house concept and its long history of manufacturing on American soil create the structure  within which this can happen. In fact, from R&D, engineering, metal spinning, machining, tooling, fabricating, forming, stamping, spinning, powder coat painting, degreasing, and assembly to shipping, the manufacturer maintains complete control over quality, including its timelines.

“Tight controls and attention to detail every step of the way create consistency which creates certainty. And certainty creates confidence and loyalty in our dealers and their customers too,” commented Robert Betensky in a recent interview.

In sum, certainty is something our economy needs to grow and something we all seek in our lives in one way or another.  Our small way of making that happen is by continuing to manufacture in America and hire in America.  Every time someone buys a product, they can be certain that they are supporting the American economy. That’s why we come to work everyday at Glaro.

Umbrella Stands And Wet Umbrella Bag Holders Keep Floors Dry & People Safe

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Approaching the fall and winter season, distributors and dealers to the institutional, facilities management, hospitality and office furniture markets are reporting an increased demand for umbrella stands and wet umbrella bag stands more than expected.  In response, Glaro Inc. has ramped up its stock inventory to prepare for a busy fall and winter season ahead.

Glaro Inc. Wet Umbrella Bag Stands & Holders

Glaro Inc. Wet Umbrella Bag Stands & Holders

There is a clear need for umbrella bags. Instead of people walking around and dripping water off of their umbrellas and onto the floor as they walk down halls and create dangerous situations, safety has become a top priority of many building owners. In fact, building visitors often expect to find a wet umbrella bag (either wall mounted or floor standing) so that they can insert their umbrella and proceed safely as they enter. Building maintenance people also favor umbrella bag holders because floors remain cleaner and in better condition longer. In doing so, fewer floor maintenance chemicals are needed and labor is saved, contributing towards a building’s green initiatives.  American wet umbrella bag stand manufacturers such as Glaro Inc. are able to ship stock items in three days or less for those building managers who need to take action fast.  Distributors who need replacement bags know that like most Glaro Inc. products, wet umbrella bags are available for quick shipping.

Glaro’s growing Umbrella Master line also includes traditional umbrella holders for waiting rooms, offices, meeting rooms and entrances. Most umbrella stands and holders accommodate full size as well as tote size umbrellas, and they contain drip pans to capture water that may accumulate. Even coat trees are available with an integrated umbrella holder section for those seeking a combination kit.

Glaro Inc. Umbrella Stands

Glaro Inc. Umbrella Stands

Remember that all metal products, such as those manufactured by Glaro Incorporated which are made from rust and tarnish proof metals and finishes (aluminum), will also last longer and look better than plastic models, which can crack, break and become flimsy.

For more information, visit glaro.com please.

U.S. Continues To Waste Over $11 Billion A Year By Throwing Away Recyclables

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A new report discussed in this story (http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-billions-recyclables-wasted-20120718,0,3225089.story) explains, “about $11.4 billion in recyclable materials are still piling up in U.S. landfills every year.”

One thing is clear from the article: At every point in a product’s lifecycle from manufacturing to post consumer disposal, there are opportunities that we can all seek to improve these numbers.

According to the story, in addition to $11.4 billion of wasted recycling opportunities, the U.S. does not stack up well right now in terms of its progress with, for example, aluminum cans recycling. “More than 40 billion aluminum cans are still dumped annually into landfills in the U.S.” Even at 40 million that number is overwhelmingly large.

What actions can we take to improve this number? What can we as businesses do to make a difference?

On a micro level, we can all reduce that number if more businesses and residences as well as public entities invested in recycling products and backed them with effective signage and messaging to promote green recycling. This combined with increased responsibility on the part of individuals and manufacturers in their manufacturing processes can make a difference.

Glaro Satin Aluminum Modular Recycling Receptacle Stations

Glaro Inc. has long supported environmentally sustainable recycling initiatives through its leadership in manufacturing American made recycling receptacles and related messaging/signage. Glaro Inc. continues to aggressively expand its recycling lines to help ensure that facilities across America and abroad are properly equipped to make their recycling programs as effective as possible. In combination with other recycling practices, the use of recycling receptacles can help bring the number of unrecycled aluminum cans and wasted resources down to a minimum and surely reduce the over $11 billion in waste this article discusses.

For more information on recycling receptacles, visit Glaro Inc. here.

The Advantages of Decorative or Designer Waste Receptacles

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Trash receptaclesand recycling receptacles provide a solution for waste disposal. All too often, waste receptacles are poorly located, are in poor condition, or are simply not appealing enough for people to use.  Sometimes, building managers place sub-standard receptacles in low visibility areas because they are unsightly.  The result could be a dirty building.

New Yorker Decorative and Designer Waste Receptacles by Glaro

The New Yorker Collection: Designer Waste Receptacles by Glaro Inc.

In commercial, public, and institutional facilities, entrance areas, lobbies, and other common areas, indoors or outdoors, waste receptacles and recycling receptacles need to meet a specific aesthetic standard.  Decorative trash receptacles are essential functional amenities needed to complete a space.  Designer waste receptacles and recycling receptacles can transform a bland, monotone location into an interesting one with accents, personality, and consistency that provide for good housekeeping and environmental compliance.

From our experience, decorative waste receptacles, also known as decorative trash receptacles, have many advantages. They should be robust, well- built metal waste receptacles with a visual appeal based in both the materials used as well as how the receptacles are finished and presented. They also provide practical advantages including improved durability, fire safety, design flexibility, and easy maintenance.

As an example, designer receptacles from Glaro Inc. provide the following advantages:

•    Tough aluminum and steel construction
•    A satin aluminum finish
•    Two metal finishes and 29 powder coat finishes allow buyers to create their own color combinations on each unit.  Covers and bodies may match or contrast.
•    Unique decorative banding is available
•    The ability to use your designer receptacles indoors or out
•    The all metal construction provides enough weight so that units are stable even in windy conditions outdoors
•    Glaro low maintenance finishes do not require polishing or frequent cleaning. Polished brass, mirror chrome, and stainless steel do.
•    Silk screened messages and customized logos are easily added to Glaro designer waste receptacles.
•    You will have the confidence that your designer waste receptacles  or recycling receptacles will also match the palette of other Glaro products used in the same facility, such as bellman carts, platform trucks, cigarette ashtrays, receptacles, planters, crowd control equipment, umbrella stands and signage displays.
•    The carefully developed finishes of Gloss Brass and Gloss Chrome powder coated baked finishes are maintenance free but simulate high maintenance expensive finishes like authentic mirror brass and mirror chrome.

The advantages of designer waste receptacles also apply to all recycling receptacles.  If you are interested in more information on designer trash receptacles or designer recycling receptacles, visit our corporate website at www.glaro.com.

Six Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing Bellman Carts & Luggage Carts

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Glaro Bellman Carts / Luggage CartsHere is some helpful advice from Glaro Incorporated to help make the selection and purchase of luggage carts easy:

How Fast Can They Ship

Many people do not realize that bellman and luggage carts are available in the USA for shipment within three days of order. There is no need to wait weeks or months if you really need the bellman baggage cart immediately. Ask for a timeline before ordering and find out what the expected shipping arrival date is, not just when the manufacturer is shipping out the product.

Price Range

What level of quality and design is necessary for your facility or is important to your own customers? The price of bellman and hotel luggage carts is impacted by the size, construction, finish, quality of raw materials and aesthetics.  Cheaply produced bellman cart models may use lesser quality alloys and thinner tubing, for example, which are not as durable as better made carts.

Selecting Metal Finishes, Carpet Color, and Bumper Types

Find out if the manufacturer (or your dealer) can really produce a quality product that looks exactly how you want it. Top USA manufacturers of luggage carts such as Glaro Inc. will let you create your own bellman cart and essentially build it from the ground up. You can customize the finish, carpet color, and even the type of bumper system.

There are also bellman cart finishes that look as good as high maintenance finishes like solid brass but will not tarnish: an example is tarnish proof satin brass from Glaro Inc. (glaro.com), a great alternative to solid brass.

Size (Length)

What are your bellman cart capacity needs? Bellman carts come in all sizes. Consideration should be made about the size of the elevators and the types of luggage guests use most often.

Do you have buses that frequent your facility? If so, you may need larger capacity bellman carts or even 6 wheel bellman carts rather than 4 wheel  bellman carts to efficiently move heavy loads with little effort.

Types Of Wheels

What kind of bellman cart wheels will work best on the floor surfaces in your building? Do you have carpeting? Tile? Wood? Concrete? Pneumatic wheels on bellman carts work best on hard surfaces. Solid rubber wheels work well on either hard surfaces or carpeted flooring but may not be the choice for areas with irregular floors and bumpy surfaces.  However solid rubber wheels require less maintenance because the air filled tires do not need to be monitored as they do in the pneumatic tires. It’s important to understand these pros and cons and not just make a decision based on aesthetics.

Made In The USA

Decide if you prefer to use an American made quality luggage cart for transporting baggage. There are many quality American bellman cart manufacturers and distributors to research in the Continental United States .

While you can also import cheap bellman and luggage carts or imitations, when repairs become necessary carts must be often be discarded. A quality USA bellman cart manufacturer with excellent service will be able to quickly replace any part for you and drop ship from their facility within a day. If service is important to you, that is something to strongly consider.

With these six tips, you are on your way to selecting the right carts. Best of luck!


Read about metal waste receptacles now.

7 Tips For Making Sure You Have The Right Recycling Receptacles In Your Building

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Most of us agree that recycling cans, bottles, paper and other recyclables is important.  Crafting an appropriate recycling program and identifying the right recycling receptacles, bins and containers to use in a building takes some thought. Here are seven tips:

Think Ahead, Know Your Volume
Know your recycling volume today, but also forecast ahead to account for fluctuations in volume, for example, from events, changes in the total quantity of people in a building etc. Size your recycling receptacles and bins to accommodate your maximum expected volume periods. Do you need a 12” diameter receptacle?  15”? 20”? Other?

Glaro Recycling Container Stations

Glaro Recycling Container Stations

Define Your Hot Spots
Whether it is near vending machines, in high traffic areas or in a lobby, every building has “hot spots” where recycling receptacles are most in demand. Plan out your space to ensure that you have enough frequency of recycling stations to meet expected traffic levels.

Fit The Décor, Enhance The Decor
Ideally recycling receptacles will fit the overall décor of their space and look great in context. In our opinion, they should enhance and add to a building’s aesthetics. Find the right style combined with the finishing options and colors that will fit seamlessly into designated areas.

Think About Quality
Quality products last longer and they are more reliable. If you are thinking long run, you will also save the planet resources by investing in recycling bins that you may never need to replace.

Modular recycling stations allow a building owner or facilities manager to take two or more recycling containers and connect them to each other in any sequence they would like. They can be connected in a straight line or in triangular a configuration. Connected units keep the recycling receptacles together for a neat and organized appearance. For many, having the flexibility to arrange recycling receptacles into professional recycling stations is an important option to consider.

Be Safe
Fire safety is important in all aspects of a building.  Consider using metal recycling receptacles that have fire safe construction rather than cheaper, plastic bins that are unable to meet the same safety standards.

Make Communication and Placement Priorities
Tasteful signage, stenciling on the recycling containers and communication of the importance of recycling through other methods in a building are all important to encourage use.   In combination with placing them in strategic areas, you can maximize their use.

What thoughts do you have that could benefit others looking to implement a successful recycling program in their building? Share your ideas and help us develop this list further.