Why ‘Snap-Release Buttons’ On Commercial Smoking Receptacles Are The New Standard

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What is a ‘snap-release button’ and how does it work on Glaro Inc. smoking receptacles?

Glaro Inc. Deluxe Smoker’s Post ‘Snap” Cap Infographic

Glaro Inc. Deluxe Smoker’s Post Depicting ‘Snap-Release” Design For Caps & Tubes

Dealers and facilities maintenance personnel are attracted to Glaro Smoker’s Post products because of an easy to use snap-release button. A snap-release push button is a special mechanism (see graphic to the LEFT) that secures the cap to the cigarette tube (on all models) and the cigarette tube to the base (on floor models). With this spring button, the units can be emptied and replaced quickly. The mechanism enables the parts to remain securely attached to one another despite movement and all weather conditions.  After servicing, the parts easily align and snap back in place.

Floor Standing Models: On floor standing models of Glaro Inc. Smoker’s Posts, one snap button secures the cap to the tubular body. The second button located at the bottom of the tube is provided so that the tube can be removed from the base, making it easy to empty debris.

Wall Mounted Models: On wall mounted models, one snap button secures the cap to the tubular body. A concealed keyhole design enables the body to be removed from the wall bracket with a ‘slide and twist” motion. Once removed, the tube can be emptied.  This also provides an added level of security.

Optional security cables are available that attach the cap to the body and the body to the wall mounting bracket. This helps prevent theft and vandalism. These security features have helped make Glaro’s wall mounted smoking receptacles popular for use in building entranceways, Universities and unattended outdoor areas, for example. Wall mounted smoking receptacles are also an excellent value and are often used in conjunction with Glaro’s floor standing models.

In sum, the engineering behind design is essential to the functionality and performance of the post you use.  Snap-release buttons and keyless security features help make cigarette disposal easier and worry-free for janitorial staff and management.

For more information on Glaro Smoker’s Posts, visit http://glaro.com/smokers.htm today.

Why Buy A 24” Wide Half Round Waste Receptacle?

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24 inch glaro inc half round wate receptacles

Glaro Inc. 24″ Wide Half Round Waste Receptacles

If your facility or a facility you serve has not used low profile 24” half round waste receptacles, it could be because this is a brand new product that was just released to the market in January 2015 Glaro Inc. [view 24″ half round waste receptacle brochure]

Here are four practical reasons to use them:

Handles Fluctuating Volume

Using large capacity waste receptacles assures that your facility you can handle a large volume of trash at any time.  24” wide half round receptacles from Glaro Inc. fit neatly against walls.  They are available in both 29 gallon (top opening models) and 24 gallon (side opening models) capacities.  When combined with the Glaro 18” wide half round receptacles, facility managers can outfit most areas indoors or out.

Space Saving Design

Even in hallways, against walls, and in other areas where space is limited and traffic can be busy, the need for trash collection remains the same.  Streamlined half round receptacles save significant space.  Furthermore, they can be mounted onto walls, facilitating floor maintenance.

Better Functionality = Ease Of Use

Glaro Inc. full width piano hinges

Glaro Inc. Full Width Piano Hinges

Some manufacturers only provide models with completely removable, unhinged covers. Instead, choose a manufacturer that offers a hinged lid. For example, Glaro Inc. half round receptacles come standard with a full length concealed piano hinged lid that allows janitorial staff to easily access trash without removing the cover. The lid lifts up and down, making trash removal an easier task. In addition, the larger than usual capacity prevents the need for continuous emptying of the trash potentially saving expensive janitorial service costs.

Quality Construction Means Durability and Longevity

Glaro’s 24” half round receptacles have covers and bodies constructed of aluminum or steel, depending on the finish chosen. The inner liner cans are made of steel with rust-proof aluminum bottoms. Some manufacturers may produce a plastic inner liner instead. Unfortunately, a plastic liner does not provide the same level of fire safety, or durability. The weight of the all metal receptacles also makes the units more stable and ideal for heavy use.

Finally, these receptacles have the added benefit of coordinating with all other Glaro Inc. product lines to create a professional, uniform look throughout any facility.
The line is now available for purchase.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, feel free to learn more here: http://glaro.com/half-round-waste-receptacles.html

Glaro Incorporated Is Celebrating 70 Years In Business

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Glaro Inc. 70 Years In BusinessWhen 2015 begins, Glaro Inc. will celebrate seventy years in business!

The company has grown since its first product was fabricated out of a basement in the Bronx in 1945. However, even as Glaro has evolved, one thing has never changed: it is still an original American manufacturer. We are proud to be an American brand and to stand for something that is important to us—Made In The U.S.A.

Looking back, we honor the man who founded the company in 1945: Harry Glass. His vision, entrepreneurialism and work ethic continue to inspire employees today. Whether it was his ability to make truly distinctive products that “outperform” competitor’s products, his in-house production model that provided Glaro Inc. total control over every production stage, or his push to ship products faster than the competition, Harry helped Glaro Inc. become a unique brand. He created a company that stays competitive and strong, even when facing challenging economic periods.

Reaching a milestone like this has been made possible due to our extensive, supportive network of dealers and distributors. We also attribute our longevity to our loyal team of office and factory staff. They continue to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality in everything they do. Without them, the company would not be in the forefront of the industry.

For anyone interested in learning more about our 70 year journey, we would like to share our official press release with you here:  Glaro Inc. 70 Years In Business Press Announcement

We wish all of you a healthy, joyous and prosperous Holiday Season and a successful New Year!

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De-clutter Rooms & Maximize Storage Space With These Coat Hanging Equipment Tips

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Take a departure from traditional coat hanging equipment and try some of these space-saving coat hanging equipment products.

Space is at a premium in most buildings. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to significantly save floor space and maximize vertical space. Here are some tips from Glaro Inc. on how coat hanging equipment can help you accomplish these goals:

Coat Hanging EquipmentCoat Tree/Umbrella Combo Stands & Coat Trees with Hanger Bars

Use coat trees that are multi-purpose. For example, you may want to use a coat tree that doubles as an umbrella stand (as seen here). Or you may choose to use a coat tree with a hanger bar rather than hooks (not shown). Using solid aluminum hangers that match your coat tree are recommended because they accommodate any size, weight or shape jackets, and clothing.

Wall Mounted Coat Racks

Wall mounted coat racks are a very convenient way to keep coats well organized using available wall space. For example, Glaro wall mounted coat racks are composed of 24”, 30”, and 36” modular sections that easily interconnect to create longer lengths. Wall mounted coat racks optimize the use of vertical space to maximize storage because these racks include one or two shelves depending on the model selected. By being able to control how much wall space you utilize and what configuration you choose, you will maximize space and create a clean pleasing look.

Wall Mounted Shelving Units

Shelves can be mounted above or below coat racks or as one or several tiers on a wall to maximize storage capacity. In a recent press announcement, Glaro Inc. explained that in combination with placing shelving racks above the coat racks at any level on a wall, the products help to de-clutter spaces and improve storage capacity. In addition, accessibility is improved, for example, because racks can be mounted lower to meet the needs of young children.

What suggestions do you have?

What Five Qualities Are the Most Important When Selecting Coat Hanging Equipment

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Coat Hanging Equipment What is important when selecting coat hanging equipment such as coat trees, wall mounted coat racks, wall mounted shelving, coat hangers, wall mounted coat hooks, and wardrobe racks?

The tips below will help you pick the right coat hanging equipment for your facility:

Capacity needs will shape what type of coat hanging equipment will be optimal for your facility and how many units you will need. In most cases, floor standing coat trees, wall mounted coat racks or a combination of both will meet your capacity demands. Each has unique benefits.

Coat trees are an excellent choice because they require no installation, are portable, fit into corners and between chairs, and, work very well in smaller spaces. Multi-functional “combination” units are available through top USA manufacturers. For example, Glaro Inc. now offers coat trees with a hanger bar or hooks, umbrella stands, and some are complete with matching solid aluminum hangers. These combination coat tree/umbrella stands are available in various configurations and finishes.

By contrast, using a wall mounted coat rack is an excellent way to keep coats well organized and accessible without taking up floor space. They are easy to assemble and mount. Wall mounted coat racks are also modular. Interlocking sections can be added as needed to increase capacity as needs increase. For example, Glaro wall mounted coat racks are composed of 24”, 30”, and 36” modular sections that easily interconnect to create longer lengths. Wall mounted coat racks optimize the use of vertical space to maximize storage because these racks include one or two shelves depending on the model selected.

Tough, Durable Materials & Construction

If durability is important, then you should consider the difference between wood, plastic and all metal construction. Aluminum coat hanging equipment is known for its quality, consistency, and longevity. Imported coat hanging products—often made of painted steel, wood and plastic—are generally more cheaply made and therefore may not last as long. They may also lack the sophisticated design and finishes seen in American made products.

Design & Finish

The design and finish of coat hanging equipment should be carefully selected. It’s important to choose a design and finish that will look good over the product’s lifetime. Metal products are timeless and they present a high end look that does not go out of style. Aluminum, when satin polished, is a very popular choice because the finish does not tarnish or rust. “Natural” wood and plastic designs do exist in the market; however, they may not meet building fire codes.

Value (quality vs. cost)

Avoid ‘cheaply’ produced coat hanging equipment that will need to be replaced. Products that are built to last are more economical. The quality of products placed into a facility also reflects on the facility’s commitment to visitors as well as its overall image. These “intangibles” as well as the building’s interior design should be considered carefully.

Reputation & Location Of The Manufacturer

Pick your manufacturer carefully. An American manufacturer has control over quality throughout the manufacturing and shipping process and is the optimal choice, especially when products need to be shipped quickly. For example, Glaro Inc. ships products in two to three days, on average. Most products are already in stock. Glaro Inc., for example, was also the first manufacturer of coat trees after World War II, utilizing aluminum tubing rather than wood. It’s important to choose a manufacturer with this level of efficiency, experience, and reputation.

We hope these tips will help you in your search for the best coat hanging equipment.

Why Would I Use A Vinyl Deck Top On A Bellman Cart Rather Than Carpet?

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black vinyl bellman cart deck glaro inc

Glaro Inc. Coin Style Cart Decks Used On Glaro Glider Bellman Carts

In a recent post (http://glaro.biz/2014/05/02/glaro-inc-observes-increased-use-of-bellman-carts-as-utility-carts/) we discussed how bellman carts serve two primary functions:

They need to perform well and they need to look attractive in public places.

To this end, the industry has continually innovated new bellman cart deck materials. For example, black and grey coin design PVC deck coverings are now manufactured and used as surfaces on cart decks. Used as a practical alternative to carpet decks, vinyl decks satisfy an increasing demand for a hi-tech, extremely tough surface that is useful in virtually any type of facility.

What exactly is a coin design PVC deck covering?

These are slightly raised embossed circular patterns that are factory installed onto a bellman cart’s deck to serve as its surface.

What are the top reasons that vinyl deck tops should be considered as well?

While many facilities use carpet because of its classic, sophisticated appearance, buildings that require added Durability, Stain Resistance, Ease of Cleaning & Disinfecting, Low Maintenance and All Weather Use are also considering vinyl deck tops.

Here are the reasons why:

Close-Up: Example of Black Coin Style Decks

Close-Up: Example of Black Coin Style Decks

Vinyl decks are known for their endurance, strength and overall longevity. Their tough surface is ideal for heavy use in any type of facility.  They will stand up against abrasion and sharp objects.  Although vinyl is a ‘workhorse’ material that performs exceedingly well in high traffic areas, it is also attractive and an excellent choice for  front-of-house settings.

Stain Resistance:
Vinyl decks resist and limit stains and discolorations. They are also wear resistant, water resistant, and non-slip. Unlike other surfaces, they are not susceptible to tearing or forming grooves that can accumulate unhygienic materials, even with heavy use.

Ease of Cleaning and Disinfecting:
Carpet remains one of the most popular choices for cart decks despite the practical uses for vinyl decks; however, potential health hazards such as dust, allergens, dander, noxious particles etc. are more likely to get trapped inside carpet than they are in vinyl.  Therefore, in healthcare facilities and any facility that requires a hygiene-friendly environment, vinyl is an excellent option.  It is easy to clean, sanitize, and disinfect.

Low Maintenance:
Vinyl decks require little maintenance, if any, over the lifespan of the cart because they are resistant to dents, tears, scratches, stains, and fading. The material may be waxed to improve it’s appearance over time but does not require polishing or washing and vacuuming.  For these reasons, it is considered to be a relatively low maintenance material.

All Weather Use:
Vinyl deck coverings perform well in both indoor and outdoor settings. They stand up to snow and strong sun exposure.  The water resistant/waterproof  surface is particularly easy to wipe dry, especially when used outdoors in inclement weather.  Combined with a well built chassis and a high quality caster system (as seen in Glaro Glider Bellman Carts), vinyl decks help form some of the toughest, most rugged carts available in the industry.

For more information on bellman carts that have vinyl decks, or to see a sample of coin vinyl decking used on carts, visit glaro.com or call the company at 1-888-234-1050.

Bellman Carts, Platform Trucks, Condo Carts Recommendations for Hotels

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FAQ: I am a hotel manager concerned about selecting the best bellman carts, condo carts, and platform trucks known for their excellent performance and for their visual appeal. What are your recommendations?

Nothing is more important than the performance and professional appearance of FF&E products in a hotel, especially in the public areas.  The good news is that the right furniture and equipment, including carts, can uphold the high level of interior design while providing superior performance, if you choose the manufacturer and the product carefully.

Bellman and condo carts manufactured by Glaro Inc. come in 35”, 40”, and 48” deck lengths.  Platform trucks are available in the same lengths as well as in 60” to handle even larger loads.  Either is appropriate for facilities with discerning tastes seeking an upscale, professional look for the front as well as the back of the house.

6 wheel bellman cart manufactured by glaro incThe performance of the carts is also of optimal importance.  Although four wheel carts with good quality ball bearing casters work well, Glaro Inc. suggests selecting the six wheel models because they offer unsurpassed ‘pinpoint maneuverability’ providing ultimate performance.  Pinpoint maneuverability makes moving carts easier, faster, and safer, even with extremely heavy loads.  It is highly recommended for large hotels with bellman staff as well as with smaller self-service properties (read the article: http://glaro.biz/2013/04/24/inside-glaro-series-pinpoint-maneuverability-conceiving-the-future-of-bellman-carts  for more information.)

In sum, it is important to plan ahead.  Select the type of cart based on the primary purpose for which it is intended.

The following tips will help you select a cart that excels in performance without sacrificing ‘curb appeal’:  

Moving Luggage

When the main purpose of the cart is to move luggage, Glaro Inc. suggests selecting bellman carts or a combination of matching bellman carts and platform trucks.  The Glaro Inc. platform trucks are engineered and designed to match and coordinate with the other carts in the Glaro family.  Both are available in carpeted and coin design tough vinyl deck covering with a choice of colors.  Carpeted models are available with custom logos to promote your brand.

Moving Luggage & Other Lifestyle Items in a Residential Setting

glaro inc condo-carts 6 wheelIf the hotel is a long term residence such as a Condo, a Residence Inn or a senior living facility, a Glaro Inc. condo cart may be the appropriate cart to choose.  Condo carts look and feel like a bellman carts; however, they have one or two removable shelves with removable side containment rails.  As a result, moving an array of small as well as large items such as groceries, golf clubs, boxes, or luggage is easier with a condo cart than it is with a bellman cart because they will handle a larger capacity of small parcels.

Moving Boxes, A/V, Tables, Chairs, Podiums, and Miscellaneous Equipment for Events

hotel platform trucks group of 4 wheel, 6 wheelPlatform trucks are the ideal product for moving equipment and packages of all sizes, shapes, weights, and materials in demanding settings that need ‘workhorse’ carts.  When heavy loads are anticipated, a platform truck’s open design and versatility provide the optimal solution for the hospitality industry.  Uniquely, Glaro Inc.’s platform trucks offer a high-end design ideal for use in public areas.  They beautifully match bellman carts and condo carts manufactured by Glaro Inc.  Their heavy duty construction enables them to transport heavy loads (such as refrigerators and machinery) without losing performance.  Most hotels keep platform carts on hand to keep daily operations running smoothly. Select the steel, aluminum, or coin design vinyl deck coverings designed for this purpose.  Carpeted decks that match the bellman carts are also a fine choice when clean items like boxes, furniture, and supplies are being transported through the common areas.  These platform carts/trucks are excellent for setting up ents where moving a lot of different kinds of equipment of different shapes and sizes is necessary.

For more information on Glaro Glider carts, visit: http://glaro.com/bellman.htm

Three Ways To Make Your Recycling Receptacles Stand Out In Your Facility

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A successful recycling program starts with a plan that will get your building’s occupants to build healthy recycling habits. If you make recycling easy for them, then your success rate will be much higher.

Here are three ways you can make your recycling receptacles stand out in your building to encourage their use:


Glaro RecyclePro Connected Recycling Station1. Create A Recycling Station As A ‘Destination’

Recycling stations (individual round receptacles connected to form a cohesive modular unit, as seen above) stand out because they become much more than a recycling area. They become recycling destinations that are well organized and configured with ample capacity.  A fully functional, attractive station will draw more attention.

Half round recycling receptacles organized as a station can also be used to draw attention by placing them against walls, in hallways and in public areas. They are a great way to maximize visibility in tighter spaces to complement recycling stations you may have in place.  Half round or wall mounted half round recycling receptacles are low profile, but they also enable you to promote recycling in places that full sized recycling receptacles may not fit.

2. Use Attractive Receptacles That Look Like They Belong

Glaro-Dual-Stream-Recycling-ReceptaclesRecycling receptacles can be more than functional—they can be used to enhance a facility’s décor and coordinate with existing furnishings. By using finishes that will ‘pop,’ company logos, custom messaging and even signage, you will be able to attract more attention to your recycling receptacles.

Companies like Glaro Inc. offer a broad selection of sizes, shapes, designs and finishes so that you can really make your receptacles stand out without being locked into limited, monotone options. The receptacles are also all-metal, creating a distinguished look with a sheen. They offer a more sophisticated alternative than most other products on the market.  You can even mix and match the colors of receptacle tops and bodies. Or, you may choose to match existing finishes seen in your building.


3. Place Recycling Receptacles In The Top Locations

Last month, we shared common places that you should be placing recycling receptacles in order to maximize visibility. You can learn more about them here: http://glaro.biz/2014/07/29/the-8-essential-places-every-building-needs-to-have-recycling-stations.

Remember: implementing a first class recycling program that will gain traction is possible when you invest in the right products that show how much you support the cause.

The 8 Essential Places Every Building Needs To Have Recycling Stations

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Are you managing waste in your building the most efficient way possible?

recycleWhether you work in a bank, a healthcare facility, a University or any type of office building, you all have one thing in common: the need to efficiently manage waste and recyclables. Environmental sustainability has become synonymous with corporate responsibility, and disposing of recyclables is a need that all building managers now have to consider.

While it would be convenient to have a generic boilerplate model that can guide you in determining the optimal recycling plan for your building, the truth is that there are far too many variables to consider. Factors include:
•    Building size, shape and structure
•    The types of interior spaces and rooms
•    The expected flow of building traffic throughout the year
•    The type and quantity of waste created in that type of building
•    “Green” standards expected to be executed in that building etc.

If you have not instituted a recycling program in your building or if you would like to improve your current program, here are eight essential places to place recycling receptacles and stations.

•    Lobby  and Foyers
•    Entrance Areas
•    Elevators
•    Bathrooms
•    Hallways
•    Cafeteria / Food Service Stations
•    Work/Office areas
•    Vending Machine Areas

Hole Openings on Glaro Inc. Recycling Receptacles

Examples of Hole Openings

Metal recycling receptacles can typically be purchased as individual units (solo units) with a range of openings called “streams.” Each receptacle can be either a single or double stream. Some manufacturers also provide triple stream options so that you can segregate and organize different types of recyclables all in one receptacle, according to local requirements.

Individual recycling units can be connected with a bracket to form a cohesive recycling station. A facility can choose to combine single, dual or even triple stream receptacles to create a recycling “Destination” known as a “Station.”

If you have questions and would like assistance in selecting a recycling station, call Glaro Inc. at 1-888-234-1050.

Why Glaro Inc. Innovated its New Surface Wipes Dispensers, Wipes and Receptacles

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Glaro-Inc-Sani-Wise-Wipes-Dispensers-Wipes-Waste-ReceptaclesHelping solve unmet needs in the market and creating innovative products around those needs drives the work we do at Glaro Inc. everyday.

When we set out to develop our new line of sanitizing wipes dispensers, FDA approved wipes and coordinated receptacles, t was a result of conducting extensive research and receiving feedback from dealers and distributors.

Our research surfaced common issues with existing products on the market.

A general dissatisfaction with the quality and the representation of existing disinfecting wipes dispensers on the market combined with lackluster designs and usability issues were observed.

While Glaro Inc. is not the first to manufacture commercial wipes dispensers, we are the first to actively make a better product that addresses known issues seen in other similar products.  And, we manufacturer the entire line in the United States.

The specific issues that we identified in other wipes stands and dispensers used in commercial markets were:

glaro sani wise wipes dispenser receptacle satin aluminum

Glaro Inc.’s Wipes Dispensers Solved These Known Issues

Poor Stability – wipes stands with bases that wobble and are instable. Bases that were either too lightweight or in some cases dispensers absent of bases altogether.

Flimsy Construction – surface wipes dispensers made from substandard materials or constructed in a manner that results in poor performance e.g. pulling a wipe and the entire cover coming off of the dispenser as a result.

An Undesirable Appearance – stands that are generally hard to keep neat, clean, and streak free. Commercial wipes stands or dispensers that “dispense” but do not offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance with finishes suitable for professional facilities.

Limited Capacity – units that could dispense wipes but did not provide enough capacity to store used wipes, resulting in overflow and the need for constant janitorial attention.

The ingenuity of the resulting product line lies in successfully identifying these known customer pain points and then improving the product’s design for a market already experiencing growing demand.  Leveraging our 70 years of experience manufacturing commercial receptacles and products, we are pleased with the outcome and very thankful to the Glaro Inc. engineers, craftsmen and staff who have helped shape and launch the line to date.

All Glaro Inc. wipes dispensers are available immediately for shipment to all dealers and distributors.

More information is available:
Sales Team: Call 1-888-234-1050 to discuss the line and ask for pricing information. We are accepting new dealers at this time as well. Or email info@glaro.com.

Press Announcement: Read our press announcement here: http://glaro.com/press-room.html

Official Product Information & Brochures: Read our product details and download our full product line brochure here: http://glaro.com/disinfectant-wipes-dispensers.htm


Manufacturer Glaro Incorporated Announces Innovative New Product Line of Wipe Dispensers, Wipes and Waste Receptacles To Its Dealers & Distributors

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Glaro Inc Sani Wise Wipes Dispensers Wipes Waste ReceptaclesIncreasing demand and the need for more effective ways to prevent the spread of germs has fueled Glaro Incorporated’s launch of a new line of innovative disinfecting surface wipe dispensers, wipes and waste receptacles. Distributors and dealers can begin to offer the product line for sale immediately.

Hauppauge, NY–Glaro Incorporated’s new wipes dispensers and wipes product line is the ideal solution for public and private facilities that value keeping their buildings healthier and safer for visitors and employees.  The line includes sleek, metal wipes dispensers, FDA approved disinfecting surface wipes, and a number of matching and coordinated waste receptacles. The new product line is designed to be the total solution for disinfecting surfaces in any public or private location.

Three Components of Glaro Wipes Dispensers, Wipes & Receptacles

glaro wall mounted sani wise wipes dispenserglaro sani wise wipes dispenser receptacle satin aluminumWipes Dispensers:
Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and steel, and finished with rust and tarnish proof finishes, the line is ideal for use anywhere. A combination floor standing wipes features a dispenser on top and a side opening for waste disposal. A wall mounted wipes dispenser is also available. It can be used with a matching or coordinated waste receptacle placed beneath it or nearby.

Glaro Inc. also offers special signage that comes mounted onto wipes dispensers to encourage their use.  Custom logos can be added to the wipe dispensers to create a unique, branded appearance.

Disinfectant Surface Wipes:
Surface sanitizing wipes are available (800 wipes per roll) in stock. These FDA approved wipes are designed to kill Staph, MRSA and HIV-1(associated with AIDS), HBV (Hepatitis B Virus), and HCV (Hepatitis C Virus), to name a few. They are ideal for cleaning soiled equipment, objects, and surfaces.

Matching Metal Waste Receptacles:
A selection of matching waste receptacles are available in several sizes and designs. These waste receptacles are designed for use below wall mounted wipes dispensers or anywhere.

Wipe Dispensers Double Push Button TopUnique Attributes
The new Glaro Inc. product line was carefully engineered so that it is both easy to use and easy to maintain. Features like a push button release for easy refilling, a receptacle body that can be easily lifted off of its bass, and a star slot opening that only dispenses one wipe at a time, make the line unique.

In addition, a double push button system that secures the top cover to the body ensures that covers will never lift off when wipes are pulled. The wider bass design, along with a weighted bass, ensures the product will not readily tip over or easily be moved out of place. All parts are rust-proof, and they are corrosion and fire resistant. Streak-free finishes are easy to clean and maintain.

All Glaro surface wipes stands and wipes are available immediately, and they are included in Glaro’s Quick Ship program. More information can be found at http://glaro.com/disinfectant-wipes-dispensers.htm

Glaro Inc. Observes Increased Use Of Bellman Carts As Utility Carts

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Multi-Purpose Cart with Shelves and Side Containment Rails

Bellman carts have traditionally been used for transporting luggage.  However, luggage and bellman carts have since evolved into reliable multi-function utility carts that facilities inherently depend on for a variety of purposes.

In practice, we have seen our bellman carts used to move equipment, materials, mail, boxes, supplies, groceries and much more. They have even made appearances in theater, TV, and movie productions, an unanticipated but welcomed addition to their growing use.

Underlying this versatile use of carts is a simple explanation:  

Carts have two primary functions:  They need to perform well and they need to look attractive in public places.  Ordinary utility carts and platform trucks lack the visual appeal that bellman carts have.  Because of this deficiency many facility managers concerned about appearance in public areas have searched for a solution and have proudly begun to use more attractive carts to perform simple more utilitarian tasks.

What we learned from our customers is that a “crossover cart” was needed in the market and that accessorizing our Glaro Glider bellman carts with the three design features below was the solution that has met the market need.

Adding one or two levels of shelves to select bellman carts enables users to conveniently transport a lot of small objects that traditionally do not fit into carts or are not contained well during transport.  Even adding one shelf doubles the cart’s capacity for small packages.  Glaro’s shelves are removable, and one or two levels of shelves can easily be added.  This innovation is particularly   useful in condos, where residents, guests, and staff use carts for varying purposes throughout the day.  Adding capacity by employing a multi-level system makes carts a valuable time saving piece of equipment for use anywhere.

Side Containment Rails
For each shelf that is added, removable side containment rails are added as well.  They ensure that items and materials remain on shelves during transport.  Glaro’s bellman carts come standard with side containment rails when shelves are included.

Glaro Inc Platofrm Truck with Coin Design Vinyl Deck Model 6248 SA VL BLK

Coin Design Vinyl Deck

Coin Design Vinyl Deck Covering Option
Bellman and luggage carts used for utility purposes must be easy to clean.  While Glaro Inc. carts come standard with carpet, coin design vinyl decking is increasingly in demand and can be substituted for a nominal cost.  Coin design deck covering is the preferred choice in the healthcare industry because it is not only durable but easy to clean and sanitize.  It is also a preferred surface for extremely heavy duty use indoors or out.  The Glaro Glider Platform Truck line is designed to match the quality and designer look of the bellman carts and is available with a choice of four deck coverings to meet every need; carpet, coin design vinyl, aluminum, and steel.

Glaro Inc. Condo Cart 5648 Satin Aluminum Multi-Shelf

6 Wheel Glaro Glider Condo Cart

Condo Carts: Easy On The Eyes, Tough On-The-Job Performance
Because of the demand for a highly functional, high capacity cart, Glaro Inc. developed its Glaro Glider Condo Cart.  Four or six wheel carts come standard with shelving and side containment rails and they are offered in eight models each with a choice of finishes.  They are recognized for their agility and their ability to handle a high capacity of small and large diversified items including luggage, shopping bags, clothes, golf clubs, sports equipment, audio-visual equipment, conference supplies, housekeeping supplies, and any packages that are transported in any type of facility.

In sum, carts are not just for luggage. They have evolved into multi-functional, highly versatile carts that can be used for a range of purposes in hospitality, transportation terminals, educational, commercial, government, and even residential settings.

3 Advantages of Domestically Manufactured Metal Waste Receptacles

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Made In USA

Domestically manufactured trash and waste receptacles come with many built in advantages. Today we highlight three key reasons why a USA manufactured receptacle is an excellent choice:

All Metal Construction
Many American manufacturers such as Glaro Inc. prefer to use metal materials such as aluminum and steel to fabricate receptacles. While steel is a lower cost material in general, aluminum is considered to have superior properties. Aluminum provides a sleeker, more vivid appearance than stainless steel does. Aluminum, with a satin finish applied, reflects light better than steel does and therefore creates a soft, bright, glowing finish that many designers favor. Especially when aluminum receptacles receive a high temperature clear baked on finish, they are the ideal choice for use outdoors (including salt air environments).  They stand up better over time. Aluminum uniquely does not tarnish or rust.

By contrast, there are some ‘hidden costs’ of a stainless steel receptacle produced abroad. Stainless steel is often more expensive than aluminum. The finish on stainless steel readily shows fingerprints and streaks. “It is also difficult to maintain a clean appearance, even employing the best steel cleaners on the market. Steel requires constant maintenance,” says Robert Glass, Plant Manager at Glaro Incorporated. Hours of janitorial staff time is lost maintaining stainless steel receptacles. Decreased productivity and higher maintenance costs drive up the long term cost of a stainless steel receptacle.

Large Variety of Finishes
To keep inventory levels and MSRPs under control, many foreign made receptacles are available in a very limited selection of finishes. Customization such as adding logos and unique messages is logistically difficult because of the long production and shipping timelines that are required.

Glaro Inc. Manufacturers Made In The USAMany domestic receptacle manufacturers such as Glaro Inc. do just the opposite. Variety and selection are priorities when it comes to finish options. The range of ‘looks’ that can be achieved by selecting from 29 smooth and powder coated finishes as well as two satin all-metal finishes is immense. As a result, a receptacle can match almost any décor and become an important visual element in any room.

For example, Glaro Inc. receptacle finishes on tops and bodies can either be mixed or matched. Aluminum is often used as the cover of a receptacle with a different color painted body made of heavy gauge steel.  Or, receptacles can be all aluminum, presenting a clear, satin aluminum or satin brass finish. Custom messaging and logos can be added as well without delaying shipping timeliness.  The number of combinations is virtually limitless. For many distributors, this empowers them to compete better in the market and meet their own customers’ demands.

Quick Shipping Matters
As a distributor, if you order from abroad there is often a minimum of 12+ weeks wait time. Shipments are subject to manufacturing delays, labor force strikes, and bad weather, to name a few, that can result in late deliveries. If you are a distributor serving your own customers, are you able to wait that long? Or, will you be required to warehouse items to control shipping timelines? Will you be required to purchase a minimum of one container to place an order? These types of restrictions could hurt your ability to win a bid and compete.

Foreign receptacles are also very expensive to ship because they have a large cubic footprint combined with a low density of actual product per box. As a result, prices tend to be relatively high for the actual quality of the product you are ordering.

A more practical, cost effective approach is to purchase from a reliable domestic receptacle manufacturer that promises quick shipping and drop shipping.  Domestically manufactured products can be shipped quickly (Glaro Inc. ships in 1 to 3 days on average) and do not require you to take on the cost and financial risk of warehousing your own inventory.

For these reasons, companies across North America are increasingly purchasing from American manufacturers who truly manufacture receptacle products in the United States.

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5 Reasons Why Professional Offices Use Commercial Umbrella Holders, Not Residential Umbrella Holders

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Indoor Umbrella Holders and RacksIndoor umbrella holders (also known as umbrella racks and umbrella stands) found for sale in consumer stores and websites on the consumer products market may be attractive but not functional or durable enough for commercial purposes.  They usually do not have a large enough capacity nor can they withstand the constant, heavy use.

Commercial umbrella holders are a better choice for the following five reasons:

Commercial Grade Construction
Commercial umbrella racks are made of a durable all aluminum construction designed for high volume and long term use.  They also tend to have a larger capacity.  Some Glaro Inc. umbrella racks even have a removable drip tray, an important feature.

Full Size & Tote Combination Options
Building visitors use various models for full size and tote style umbrellas.  For many commercial locations an indoor umbrella holder needs to be able to accommodate a variety of sizes.  Many commercial umbrella holders provide this function, such as product lines by Glaro Inc.  You most likely will not find these at retailers geared for the consumer market.

Unique, High End Finishes
Commercial umbrella holders are often available in high end finishes not seen on retail products.  A leading manufacturer of umbrella holders will offer high quality metal and powder coated finishes with lustrous sheens that are easy to clean and will not rust or tarnish.

Larger Capacity
Commercial size indoor umbrella stands normally come in a larger capacity than residential stands.  This allows a building to confidently accommodate fluctuations in visitor traffic, even in heavy, protracted rain periods.

Coordinated Finishes
Commercial racks can match one another and they can be coordinated with other products in a building’s lobby and beyond.  For example, all product lines from Glaro Inc. can have the same finish, whether it is a waste receptacle, sign stand, smoker’s post, umbrella stand, or even crowd control equipment.  Creating a unified visual aesthetic will present your business in a more professional manner and make a positive impression on visitors.

Every well-equipped professional office, medical office, small retail shop, or place of business can benefit by being prepared with umbrella racks as well as wet umbrella bag stands that help prevent slip and fall injuries.  Consider an American manufacturer of commercial umbrella racks for indoor use when doing your research and choose a company that has a strongly established reputation.

If you see a Glaro Inc. umbrella rack somewhere, take a photo of it and message us on our Facebook page here below.  We would love to feature your photo there.

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How To Get The Recycling Receptacles You Want Without Placing A Custom Order With The Manufacturer

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goodbetterbestYou can get what you want without purchasing a pre-packaged “as is” product or custom ordering a product that may take weeks or months to develop, manufacture, and ship.

In our experience, getting what you want does not have to be complicated.  You just have to select the right manufacturer who is dedicated to serving your needs and making sure that you receive exactly what you have envisioned.

“What may be considered custom at other manufacturers is standard at Glaro” says Robert Betensky, Executive Vice President.  For commercial products such as recycling receptacles manufactured by Glaro Incorporated, customers can get whatever recycling receptacle or station they want because they take an active role in selecting the design, functionality, finish, messaging, and configuration of their receptacles from start to finish.  There is virtually an unlimited number of combinations.

The ordering process is simple, easy to follow, and every product is built to order.  “Sometimes people associate “customized “products with long wait times,” says Mr. Betensky.  “Glaro’s fine tuned system in assembling and finishing products quickly (between 1-3 days, on average) for each purchase order is unique to the marketplace.”

The extensive amount of choices and options also do not impact shipping timelines. “Every order is freshly produced, packed and shipped. We assemble and finish to order faster than other companies can ship out stock products,” added Plant Manager Bob Glass.

For those concerned with how the receptacles will match other products in their buildings, Glaro Inc. recycling receptacles can be coordinated to match other Glaro products used in the building.

To learn more about how to get exactly the recycling receptacle you would like, visit:  http://glaro.com/recycling.htm


Three Lobby Furnishing Tips To Make A Positive First Impression On Building Visitors

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Glaro Satin Aluminum ProductsThis is the time of year that a lot of attention is given to building lobbies and entranceways. Holiday themes are developed. Decorations are installed.  And building managers put extra thought into the appearance that their building presents to the public.

Why is so much importance placed on the lobby area?

For retailers, sales are directly affected by their appearance because attractive entranceways draw attention. For hotels, casinos, and any public places, first impressions also matter. The quality of your entrance area and lobby directly reflects on how well a building is being managed and what visitors can expect in other areas of your property.

If you are interested in making a positive impression in 2014 for the bulk of the year— during non-Holiday timeframes—Glaro Inc. suggests evaluating the following three aspects of your building:

First, evaluate the current condition of your building lobby/entranceway.

Assess all of your furnishings, including waste receptacles & recycling receptacles, smoking posts, carts, crowd control stanchions, sign stands etc., both indoors and out.

Are all of these items in good working condition? Are any of your furnishings worn, tarnished or in need of maintenance or replacement? What anticipated needs might you have for 2014 that you did not have in 2013?

Second, assess the overall performance and effectiveness of lobby equipment.

Are receptacles large enough? Are there enough recycling stations? Are smoker’s posts meeting your standards? Is your signage sufficient? Are there enough carts with enough capacity to handle peak traffic periods? Is equipment easy to use and easy to maintain?

For example, if you have a bellman cart that is difficult to push and pull, consider replacing it with a cart that has pinpoint maneuverability and a more ergonomic design.  If your receptacles tarnish, consider an aluminum receptacle with a tarnish proof finish to save on maintenance expenses.

Finally, evaluate the overall appearance of your lobby area.

If your lobby was originally furnished as one large project, then your overall décor may be well coordinated. However, if a lobby was furnished piecemeal, as items are added and taken away over the years, decor may become mismatched. Or, the overall aesthetic may suffer.

American manufacturers such as Glaro Inc. are able to solve this problem by uniquely providing matching finishes across product lines so that all of your equipment can match and present a more harmonious, “designer” look.

Keep building visitors happy and feeling welcome by making sure you can meet and exceed their expectations in 2014.  Happy Holidays from Glaro Inc.!

Seven “Greener” Ways To Manufacture Products In The USA

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How can American manufacturers become “Greener”?    Going “Green” is not only the right thing to do but it also makes practical business sense. Below are seven proactive ways that USA manufacturers are becoming better environmental stewards while operating more cost effectively.   Solar electric panel systems  American manufacturers looking to improve energy efficiency while becoming more environmentally responsible are installing solar panel systems on the roofs of their buildings. In many cases, traditional electric consumption decreases by 40% to 100% depending on the size of the system following a solar panel installation.  The investment also makes a manufacturer more self-sufficient and less reliant on external sources of power.  Energy efficient interior lighting systems  Replacing inefficient lighting systems with energy efficient lighting is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption. High efficiency bulbs and ballasts can save companies 30% or more on energy costs. What would your company save annually with energy efficient lighting?  Going paperless and reducing paper consumption Reducing paper usage and consumption saves trees and money. In many cases, such as in the Health and Finance industries, digital files of paper are also necessary to keep on file for legal reasons and are redundant to paper copies. Imagine how much paper could be saved if all manufacturers were able to reduce consumption by just 10%? Companies are also encouraged to recycle all paper by installing recycling stations in their buildings.  Recycled raw materials i.e. materials with recycled content	 Manufacturers who use raw materials made from recycled content begin the manufacturing process with “greener” inputs and end up with a “greener” product.  High quality recycled materials are available in almost any industry and are an important way to conserve energy and incorporate recycling into a product’s life cycle. Ask suppliers about the source of your materials and consider purchasing from those who supply recycled content.  Producing products that are post consumer recyclable   Environmental conservation includes making products that may eventually (at the end of their use) be recycled. Fortunately, every Glaro Inc. product, for example, may be recycled and used again. That is because they are purposely constructed of high quality all metal materials that can be melted down, remanufactured, and reused.    Manufacturing products that promote positive consumer recycling habits  The products manufacturers innovate can help shape behaviors that are either beneficial or detrimental to the environment. For example, If a company is able to manufacture products that directly encourage others to recycle (such as recycling receptacles, recycling bins, & recycling signage), then they are doing their part to help foster recycling “downstream.”      Other Green methods Other methods include recycling manufacturing by-products and waste, reducing usage of items whenever possible, and evaluating manufacturing methods throughout your operation.  There are many more.  What would you add?How can American manufacturers become “Greener”?  

Going “Green” is not only the right thing to do but it also makes practical business sense. Below are seven proactive ways that USA manufacturers are becoming better environmental stewards while operating more cost effectively.

Solar electric panel systems
American manufacturers looking to improve energy efficiency while becoming more environmentally responsible are installing solar panel systems on the roofs of their buildings. In many cases, traditional electric consumption decreases by 40% to 100% depending on the size of the system following a solar panel installation.  The investment also makes a manufacturer more self-sufficient and less reliant on external sources of power.

Energy efficient interior lighting systems
Replacing inefficient lighting systems with energy efficient lighting is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption. High efficiency bulbs and ballasts can save companies 30% or more on energy costs. What would your company save annually with energy efficient lighting?

Going paperless and reducing paper consumption
Reducing paper usage and consumption saves trees and money. In many cases, such as in the Health and Finance industries, digital files of paper are also necessary to keep on file for legal reasons and are redundant to paper copies. Imagine how much paper could be saved if all manufacturers were able to reduce consumption by just 10%? Companies are also encouraged to recycle all paper by installing recycling stations in their buildings.

Recycled raw materials i.e. materials with recycled content 
Manufacturers who use raw materials made from recycled content begin the manufacturing process with “greener” inputs and end up with a “greener” product.  High quality recycled materials are available in almost any industry and are an important way to conserve energy and incorporate recycling into a product’s life cycle. Ask suppliers about the source of your materials and consider purchasing from those who supply recycled content.

Producing products that are post consumer recyclable  
Environmental conservation includes making products that may eventually (at the end of their use) be recycled. Fortunately, every Glaro Inc. product, for example, may be recycled and used again. That is because they are purposely constructed of high quality all metal materials that can be melted down, remanufactured, and reused.

Manufacturing products that promote positive consumer recycling habits
The products manufacturers innovate can help shape behaviors that are either beneficial or detrimental to the environment. For example, If a company is able to manufacture products that directly encourage others to recycle (such as recycling receptacles, recycling bins, & recycling signage), then they are doing their part to help foster recycling “downstream.”

Other Green methods
Other methods include recycling manufacturing by-products and waste, reducing usage of items whenever possible, and evaluating manufacturing methods throughout your operation.  There are many more.

What would you add?

For information about Glaro Inc., please visit www.glaro.com

Are Your Bellman Carts & Luggage Carts Really Made In America?

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glaro-inc-premium-bellman-carts-made-in-the-usaWe have all seen ‘Made In America’ labels on our products, but how many of us have thought about what it really means?

To bellman cart manufacturer Glaro Inc., ‘Made In America’ is about trust.  It’s a shared belief that you can get quality and reliable, durable, long-lasting products that perform as advertised, from American companies.

In our experience, customers want to know if their carts are made In the USA, or if they are buying from an American based company who farms out its manufacturing to foreign factories.  The reason is that most shoppers want to buy from credible American brands.  They want to be sure that they can get parts in the future if necessary and that the products are made with recycled content which are post-consumer recyclable as well.  Dollars follow trust.  Repeat purchases are a result of trust.  Developing long term relationships with customers depends on it.

Here are some tips on how you can trust that a bellman cart or platform truck is really made in America:  

First, find out where your product is designed.  On U.S. soil or abroad?  Ask where the concept, innovation, and product development behind the products originate.  A true American product is conceived and developed in the USA.

Second, who is manufacturing and fabricating your bellman carts?  Is it an American company whose hands are crafting the carts?  Or, are the bellman and luggage carts really imports from offshore?

Third, where are you buying your carts?  Beware of dealers importing substandard products from foreign countries.  Is the company a distributor, dealer, or a store distributing imported products within the United States?  Are the operations of that company including its customer service department in the USA or somewhere else?  Glaro Inc., for example, proudly has a network of USA distributors through which all products are distributed after being developed and manufactured in its New York factory and headquarters.  Every Glaro Inc. products has the Made in the USA label.

Finally, where are the final assembly activities, including shipping, conducted?  Are they completed here or abroad?

Even if you are only focused on value (that practical combination of quality and price where you are confident you are making the right choice), knowing where a product is manufactured can be very telling and influence your purchase decision.

Additional benefits of USA made bellman carts and platform trucks include Guaranteed Quality and Faster Shipping.  Glaro Inc. is a company known for making every cart to order and shipping orders in a matter of days.  Carts can also be customized with logos, convenience bars, color combinations, bumper choices, wheel configurations, hooks, deck coverings, and other options.  Competitors selling “generic” models cannot personalize carts with this level of detail or care.

So, while there are many bellman cart options on the market, an American made brand has many benefits, often providing the highest value and long term benefits to you.  Try an American made bellman cart (e.g. from Glaro Inc.) if you have not already and email us (info@glaro.com) when you experience the difference.

Glaro Glider Bellman Carts Showcased In Departures Magazine

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glaro bellman cart signature series in departures magazine imageDear Customers and Dealers,

We are pleased to announce that Glaro’s Signature Series Bellman Cart model #8868 with ball crown top and six wheels is currently being featured in Departures Magazine.  A full page ad by company Net-A-Porter.Com shows Glaro’s satin brass cart fully loaded with luggage on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York ready for transport to a nearby hotel or residence.

This is not the first time Glaro Inc. bellman carts have made “guest appearances” in media and entertainment. In fact, the carts have been used as props in theatrical productions, movies and  television shows in the past.

The feedback we have been given is that Glaro carts are easy to wheel—even with a full load—and are highly maneuverable. We attribute the cart’s reputation in the market to its sleek, classic design, and its unique functionality.  The Signature Series cart in the Departures Magazine ad has “pinpoint maneuverability,” a term that Glaro Inc. conceived in the 1980’s.  “Pinpoint maneuverability” is the ability of the cart to easily swivel in place 360 degrees, turn in tight areas, and move effortlessly on uneven surfaces. Because of the engineering, these carts also have a “push or pull” design, whereby they move just as easily regardless of which end of the cart the operator is located and which direction he wishes to move.

Glaro Inc. is pleased to have its products selected by companies who care enough about quality to feature them in their advertising campaigns. We continue to believe that bellman carts can be both functional and attractive.

For more information on bellman carts, call (631) 234-1050 or visit glaro(dot)com.

Why Do Metal Waste and Recycling Receptacles Outperform Plastic Receptacles?

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Glaro new yorker combo metal waste receptaclesWhen we purchase any product, such as a waste receptacle, there are many costs and benefits to consider in addition to price. While a cheaper price may be an advantage in the short run, it may come with hidden costs to you, your building guests and even your profits. A cheaper plastic receptacle might actually cost you more in the long run.

Looking at a product’s price in relation to other key attributes will tell a clearer story about the value your facility is getting when it chooses its waste and recycling receptacles.

If issues such as long term costs/replacement costs, public safety and environmental impact, are important to you, this comparison of plastic vs. metal waste receptacles below will be helpful to you.


Imported plastic waste receptacles are often less expensive than metal waste receptacles, however if they come from other countries, find out what you are really paying for. Often imported, a good proportion of your cost of a plastic receptacle is going towards the shipping, packing and transportation costs rather than the quality of the product and its materials. By contrast, a locally manufactured metal waste receptacle made in the USA will include fewer non-product costs that drive up a product’s price but do not improve a product’s quality level. Domestically manufactured products take less energy to ship and pack, so the price you pay is for the product itself.  If quality and value are important to you, it’s essential to understand these differences.

Because plastic waste receptacles are not built as robustly as metal cans, they often need to be replaced many times leading to a higher replacement cost. Over the lifetime of a heavy duty steel/aluminum metal trash can that might last upwards of 25 years or more, a plastic receptacle could need replacement 3 times or more. The lifetime cost of trash disposal at that particular location is therefore much higher with a cheaper alternative that does not perform as well as a built-to-last metal waste receptacle. In the end, plastic can cost you more and be taxing on your operations budget for these reasons.

Public and Fire Safety

From a safety standpoint, plastic receptacles are not fire safe. They are known to be flammable, meltable and toxic. Glaro Inc. does not endorse the use of plastic for all purpose receptacles. “Plastic receptacles are not known for their safety and have virtually no effect on containing a fire. Metal receptacles, such as those manufactured by Glaro Inc. do not melt and they do not burn. In fact, heavy duty metal receptacles are safer because they can help contain fires (and in come cases extinguish them) by restricting the flow of oxygen which is critical to a fire’s ability to start and spread,” says Executive Bob Betensky. Waste receptacle units with an additional steel inner liner can create optimal fire resistance and are superior fire-safe receptacles available on the market.

Environmental Sustainability

Plastic waste receptacles have been found to also emit toxic fumes (when exposed to fire) harmful to the safety of others as well as the environment. They are not Green products. They can be recyclable however due to their inexpensive nature they are normally discarded and require several replacements over time, driving up the use of energy and production as well as ultimate cost of the product over time. The vast majority never get recycled.  All metal waste and recycling receptacles are recyclable; they can be made from recycled metals; and they do not emit harmful toxins. They also last a long time and require fewer replacement products, which saves energy and money.

In summary, while plastic waste receptacles may be the right choice for some, price alone is not always a telling indicator of quality or value. When long terms costs, quality, public safety, fire safety and environmental impact are taken into consideration, a metal waste receptacles has many advantages.

For more information, visit http://glaro.com/Receptacles.htm.

What are the advantages of having wet umbrella bag holders and umbrella stands in your facility year-round?

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Glaro Umbrella Stands and Wet Umbrella Bag HoldersIn recent years, many people have reported changing weather patterns resulting in damage to the environment and to buildings.  All business, facility, and property managers for small as well as large operations recognize the risk of dangerous wet and slippery floors as a result.  To avoid this serious exposure for injury, wet umbrella bag holders and umbrella stands are practical solutions. They store umbrellas as guests enter a building and they neatly collect water from inclement weather.  Keeping floors dry minimizes the need for excessive floor maintenance.

Attractive umbrella stands are perfect for coat check rooms, waiting rooms, offices, funeral homes, small retail stores, residential, bellman stations, libraries, showrooms, and any other places where visitors or employees enter.  Umbrella stands have the added advantage of allowing visitors to regain the use of both hands while shopping, eating, and while engaging in any activity they choose.  They can also be used year-round and they accommodate both tote and full sized umbrellas.

Finally, if a facility already has a color scheme and a specific interior design, satin aluminum and tarnish proof satin brass finishes make attractive additions which can elevate a building’s overall décor.

More information about umbrella stands and wet umbrella holders and stands can be found at glaro.com.

Three Ways Your Trash Receptacles Can Enhance Your Building Décor and Make Your Building Outstanding

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glaro monte carlo brass designer trash receptaclesWhen you think about trash receptacles, you think about the utilitarian nature and functional aspect first.

And it’s true: trash cans serve a purpose.  They do a job.

But they can do much more than work.  After all, receptacles are located in public areas seen by everyone passing by daily.  In fact, receptacles can impact your guest’s first impressions of your property.

Trash cans actually have the power to transform a bland, monotone location into an engaging, colorful one with design accents and “notes” that elevate the experience of building tenants and visitors.  Glaro Inc. has designed extensive product lines around this very concept.

Glaro.  Inc. offers the following three ways to make your receptacles stand out while improving the look and “feel” of your location:

Quality, Designer Finishes

Find a finish that looks great in your building or office suite and fits well into the space’s color palette.  Many people do not know that Glaro Inc., a leading manufacturer, will provide a choice of smooth, textured, and gloss finishes, as well as satin aluminum and tarnish-proof satin brass.  Glaro Inc.is well known for its versatile finishing options that include 29 smooth or textured baked powder coated colors and two “metal’ finishes.  Receptacles may have matching covers and bodies as in “all satin Aluminum” or coordinated finishes such as with a striking brass cover with a green body.  In sum, they provide the variety of finishes as well as the option of customizing the product.

Designer Accent Bands

At Glaro Inc., any powder coat finish can be supplied for the bodies with one of three types of covers finishes: matching covers, satin aluminum covers, or tarnish-proof satin brass covers.  To enhance receptacles further, Glaro Inc. offers the Monte Carlo, banded design.  Three individual metal bands in your choice of satin brass, satin aluminum, or a finish to match the bodies are wrapped around the body of the receptacles in specially formed decorative channels.  The final “look”: a stunning, sophisticated, high-end, elegant, and distinct appearance.  Accent bands are a great way to make an impression by doing something different and unique in your lobby or anywhere in your building.

 A Design Theme That Is Consistent Indoors and Out

Waste receptacle manufacturers such as Glaro have receptacles that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.  If you would like to match your outdoor receptacles to your indoor receptacles select the models with a canopy top.  Canopy top receptacles keep rain water from entering the inner container during adverse weather conditions.  These units provide the range of designs needed to maintain a design theme outdoors as well as indoors while maximizing function.  Visitors and employees will experience a seamless design transition wherever they are.

If you are in need of receptacles for Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, Institutions, Government Buildings, Building Lobbies, Museums, Airports, Rest Stops, The Hospitality Industry, or any public place, we encourage you to contact us. The products your order will be shipped in a few days.

The Glaro team is happy to speak with you or answer any questions you may have.  Call 1-888-234-1050.


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Why A Single Queuing Line May Be The Single Most Important Thing You Do In The Front Of House

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Crowd Control Queuing Systems  “Any system that is inefficient will inevitably be replaced by a better one that is able to create a better outcome for all parties.”  – Glaro Inc.

Remember when hotdogs were 25 cents?  Or when a movie ticket was $4.95?

We all have memories of the past and how things werethen.

When it comes to managing queuing lines, we don’t always have the most pleasant memories in stores, hotel counters, rental car counters, banks, airlines, refreshment counters, at the movies etc.  In the past, many of you may have experienced something like the following:

“You finish shopping or enter an establishment and begin you head for the cashier or teller.  You secretly hoped for no lines but it is a busy day.  As you approach the check in or check out area you are faced with a dilemma to pick the shortest line because there are several lines.  Which would you choose?

You scrutinize each line to evaluate the features that might work for you or against you.  For example, you factor in lines with overloaded carts, many carts, and the speed of the cashier, teller, or clerk to decide if this is the right line for you.  You make your choice and start monitoring the lines.  You ask yourself “Am I on the fastest line?”  Did I make the best choice?  It is a gamble at best!

Inevitably someone got on another line and they get to the check-out station before you.

You did not blame the cashier, you blamed the store, and the reason you did is because: IT JUST ISN”T FAIR.  THEY WEREN’T THINKING ABOUT ME and my time.

Instantly a customer that has had a negative shopping experience can find him or herself not just frustrated, but blaming the store for “inefficiency,”  “bad service,”  “slow service,” or “slow lines.”  The average shopper tells 15 people when they have had a bad experience.  A post on a social network can actually reach hundreds of people in an instant.  Bad experiences travel faster and further than ever before.

What we can all learn from this anecdote: how we organize our lines IS directly related to how our building visitors feel and perceive the level of service we provide.  A company’s reputation and its bottom line can be affected by “walk aways” and bad shopping experiences or a bad experience for building visitors.

And then the single queuing line was born.  As seen in banks (like Chase) and stores like TJMaxx, in this system, all shoppers or visitors are organized into one master line.  It is finally a fair system of “first come, first serve”.  Customers are served in the order that they arrive.  The tellers call either a cash register number or a verbal cue to come to a specific teller or cashier.  Customers are much less likely to feel that they were treated “unfairly” or feel frustration in this single line “call forward” “next in line” system.  Some locations may also have an expediter to help move customers from the line to the check- out/registration station even faster.

In sum, while a single line queuing system may not be the final way to organize people, it certainly puts building visitors more at ease and creates the perception of “fairness”.  This method of organizing visitors, queue management, is a proven and efficient manner of “crowd control.”

To learn how you can keep customers happier and organize visitors better, feel free to call Glaro Inc. at 1-888-234-1050 and speak to a member of our staff.

What trends do you see in queue management?

How could you improve your own facility’s line management?

This Spring 2013, Glaro Inc. Offers Tips for Selecting the Right Bellman Carts for Hotels, Condos, Airports, and Other Properties

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Special Glaro News Update

Hauppauge, NY (Press Release) May 01, 2013 (taken from http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb2013bellmancarts/04/prweb10668475.htm)

Glaro Inc., a leading USA manufacturer of bellman carts, luggage carts, and upscale platform trucks known widely for its innovative “Glaro Glider” carts, has taken proactive steps to make sure that buildings and properties across the United States are properly equipped this spring and summer travel season. Glaro Inc. suggests that properties consider the following four tips about bellman and luggage carts as they research and investigate the right carts for their facilities.


First and foremost, Glaro suggests purchasing a cart that is easy to move, easy to turn and easy to push or pull. “Glaro Inc. offers six wheel bellman carts that have the highest performance in the industry,” says Executive Vice President Robert Betensky. “Pushing or pulling from either end is easy and efficient. The operator maintains complete control at all times. Therefore, the design is perfect for self-service as well as bellman applications.” Glaro Inc. carts with six wheels pivot in place, turning on an axis. Company executives say this “phenomenon” known by industry experts as “pinpoint maneuverability” is especially useful around elevators, corners and in tight spaces. Damage to wall and door frames is greatly reduced with a cart that can be controlled so easily. An extra benefit of the six wheel design is a higher load capacity. Mr. Betensky added, “Maneuverability is at the top of the list. That’s why the Glaro Glider was born.”


Glaro suggests purchasing from a USA manufacturer whose bellman cart product lines offer both selection and versatility, essentially enabling you to create your own cart. Executives say that a good company will provide a selection of four and six wheel carts, several capacities (lengths), various finishes, wheel and bumper system options and even accessories such as shelves, convenience rails, hooks and bars. Properties may also wish to have their logos applied to the carpeting to further their branding and look of exclusivity. Many properties have high traffic volumes, especially those that accommodate bus loads of visitors. At these locations, a high capacity cart that will hold more weight and more cubic footage of luggage due to the design of the frame is needed, as found in Glaro’s “High Roller” line.


Glaro Inc. suggests looking for low maintenance quality bellman’s carts. “We recommend all-weather, rust and corrosion proof carts made with aluminum frames,” mentioned Mr. Betensky. Manufacturers such as Glaro Inc., for example, engineer frames and chassis that are rust proof and can therefore be used indoors and outdoors. The company suggests selecting carts that are not constructed from solid brass, which tarnishes easily and need continuous maintenance. Mirror chrome, mirror plated and brass plated finishes also chip and rust. “The best alternative is satin polished aluminum and tarnish proof satin brass. These finishes are less costly and easier to clean than solid brass or brass plated finishes, which require polishing,” offers Plant Manager Bob Glass. Beyond finishes, Glaro Inc. suggests using quality ball bearing wheels with 8-inch diameter casters and avoiding those with 6-inch casters, which wear out faster and do not easily navigate over uneven surfaces or carpeting.

Design Appeal and Aesthetics

Glaro Inc. suggests that your bellman carts present an appearance “worthy” of a “front of the house” position in your lobby, condo, dormitory, nursing home, airport, or building. Selecting a cart that fits seamlessly with a building’s décor is essential, and it is part of customer service. “A cart can actually enhance an area but should never detract from the overall aesthetics. Appearances matter, especially in service based and hospitality industries.” Asking about the variety, number, and types of finishes available is an important part of the research process.

Glaro Gliders, the bellman cart manufacturer’s well-known bellman cart line, come in a variety of designs and prices so that customers can choose exactly what they want. “They are attractive, low maintenance, durable and unmatched by any other company when it comes to value, maneuverability, and control,” says Mr. Betensky. Each Glaro Glider model comes in three sizes, 15 designs, 31 finishes, including clear coated satin aluminum, tarnish proof satin brass, and 29 textured and smooth powder coated colors. Every cart is manufactured in the USA.

To learn more about Glaro Inc. Glider bellman carts or learn more bellman cart shopping tips, Glaro Inc. can be reached at 1-888-234-1050 or info(at)glaro(dot)com.

About Glaro Incorporated:
Glaro Inc. (glaro.com) is a leading USA manufacturer of commercial and consumer aluminum and steel products sold directly to distributors/dealers for almost 70 years. All products ship in 1 to 3 days. Glaro Inc. products are the result of a focus on thoughtful innovation and design. Product lines include bellman luggage carts, platform trucks, waste receptacles, recycling receptacles, smokers’ posts and receptacles, crowd control posts and systems, safety barriers, signs, sign frames, directories, menu display stands, coat hanging equipment, umbrella stands, wet umbrella bag holders, metal planters, and key drop boxes. A diverse selection of models in 31 finishes is produced in the Hauppauge, New York plant by skilled Glaro Inc. craftsmen. The company is known for its quality merchandise and its ability to consistently quick ship all products. The customer service department provides unusually prompt personal service and is sensitive to the needs of dealers and distributors.

“Inside Glaro” Series: Pinpoint Maneuverability, Conceiving The Future of Bellman Carts

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Not all bellman carts are made equal.

Not when maneuverability is a priority.

Over the years, we at Glaro Inc. have found that most carts on the market were hard to push and pull or could only be used from one end. Many carts could not hold heavy loads and still move with ease.  Most were difficult to use in tight spaces and around corners. Many carts were responsible for damage to wall, doors, door-frames, and elevators.

Conventional Bellman CartsOne thing became clear: conventional carts were creating frustration for building managers and visitors yet no company had solved this issue to date.

So, we set out to fix the problem. We tested carts. We looked at imports and domestic carts. And we asked the tough questions.

We then took a fresh look at bellman carts. We created a simple goal:  design durable stunning bellman luggage carts that are easy to use by anybody anywhere, can maneuver flawlessly with heavy loads, and require almost no maintenance, all at an affordable price.

Glaro engineers and craftsmen went back to the drawing board, consulted with facility managers, and responded by developing a way to modify a six wheel bellman cart such that it would become more ergonomic and so easy to use even young children who do not have the strength could safely operate a loaded cart.

 “Pinpoint Maneuverability” was conceived.

Pinpoint Maneuverability allows Glaro Glider carts to pivot in place, enabling the inner wheels to create an axis that lightens the loads on both ends and redistributes weight so that the cart chassis can virtually turn in place.  Weight is smoothly distributed over six wheels instead of two.

Glaro Glider Bellman Carts with 360 Turn RadiusThe result: a lighter feel, more control, and tight steering with unmatched performance.

Because of “Pinpoint Maneuverability”, Glaro carts easily maneuver through tight spaces, around corners, and in and out of small elevators.  Unlike other carts, you can stand on “either end” of the cart and “push or pull” from either end with a very heavy load.  Glaro carts have even been used in theatrical dance productions because they are so easy to wheel on and off stage and can be used as highly maneuverable props.

In the end, Glaro carts represent what the company is all about: the customers and an approach to design that embodies the best of both form and function.

Anyone interested in a test run can give us a call at 1-888-234-1050 or speak to a customer service representative to answer your questions.  As an American brand, Glaro Inc. proudly produces all carts in the USA and ships them in a matter of days as part of its Quick Ship program.

5 Reasons Satin Finishes on Aluminum Waste Receptacles “Out-Shine” and “Out-Perform” Other Receptacles

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Satin Aluminum Waste ReceptaclesGlaro Inc. is well known for its versatile finishing options that include 29 smooth and baked powder coated colors and two ‘all metal’ finishes.  Today we would like to share one of the timeless classics:

Glaro’s Satin Aluminum (SA) finish.

A Satin Aluminum finish starts with a hand spun receptacle top and a hand crafted body made from aluminum sheeting.  Each part through multiple steps is polished at a very high speed to change the surface to a super fine grain satin finish innovated and perfected by Glaro over many years.  A very durable clear baked powder coating is applied to help preserve the finish and process.

The result is a satin aluminum waste receptacle that stands out from the pack aesthetically and leads its category in durability.

Here are five reasons why Glaro satin aluminum waste receptacles may be the ideal receptacle for your facility:


Satin Aluminum receptacles have a beautiful, lustrous, bright, and sleek appearance that lasts indefinitely.  They don an upscale finish, and they display a classier, more architecturally modern look perfect for any décor that is a perfect choice for average as well as high end facilities.


Their all metal construction is fireproof, weather proof, and ideal for salt air moist environments.  The clear coatings resist burns, scratches, and wear marks.  Aluminum waste receptacles can last a lifetime. 

They Are “Greener” Receptacles:

Glaro Incorporated’s aluminum waste receptacles are 100% post-consumer recyclable and they are made from 30% recycled aluminum.  Combining their Green materials with their durability makes them some of the toughest, eco-friendly metal waste receptacles on the market.

Ease of Maintenance:

Satin finishes on Aluminum Receptacles have many advantages.  They retain a bright appearance indefinitely and they clean easily with a damp cloth without streaking.  No expensive abrasives or chemicals harmful to the environment are necessary to clean them.


Many receptacles on the market will rust, wear, tarnish, and corrode quickly if placed outdoors.  Because aluminum cannot rust, it is the ideal material for using outdoors and indoors and is therefore an excellent choice over stainless steel which easily shows streaking, water marks, and dirt and may develop a light coating of rust if it is a lower grade alloy.

In sum, the combination of using aluminum with a satin finish is almost impossible to surpass if appearance, durability, environmental sustainability, maintenance, and indoor/outdoor readiness are important to you in a waste receptacle.

For more information on Glaro products, you can visit www.glaro.com

Here is a link to Glaro’s collection of color finishes.

5 Ways Your Facility Can “Get Greener” And Save Money By Using Metal Recycling Receptacles

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Go Green

Whether you are a hotel, casino, restaurant, or any public or private facility, there are always ways to improve your recycling program to make your facility “greener.”  Here are five tips that are good for the environment and good for your bottom line.

1.    Use items with recycled content and post-consumer recyclables in your facility.  Upholding a higher “green” standard may be easier than you think.  Use metal recycling receptacles made from recycled metals such as fire safe aluminum and galvanized steel and whose materials can be used again and again in new products re-manufactured decades later.  The top recycling receptacle manufacturers (such as Glaro Inc.) use recycled content and ensure that recycling receptacles are 100% post consumer recyclable.

2.    Use durable recycling products that last. Durability is an attractive feature if you would like to be eco-friendly because products that are built to last cost you less in the long run by saving significant energy required to continually replacing products. Replacing products requires more manufacturing, more energy, more labor, more byproducts, more shipping, more hydrocarbons, more waste, and ultimately more money.

3.    Consider purchasing locally manufactured recycling products. A recycling receptacle made in the USA not only supports local jobs and economic growth, but it also saves a tremendous amount of resources that are put into transportation, fuel and labor seen in all imports. Which is less taxing on the environment? A receptacle made in New York and shipped to New Jersey, or a receptacle made in China and then shipped across the seas.  Think locally. Think greener.

4.    Encourage participation by building visitors and guests. Educating building visitors with proper signage that results in a recycling participation rate as close to 100% as possible is a great way to get “Greener.”  You can reduce pollution just by asking your visitors to put that recyclable in the proper bin.

Top manufacturers of recycling receptacles will provide you the option to add on a customized silk screened message to your recycling receptacle. You can also add sign posts and signage to encourage recycling.  Using attractive metal receptacles with the best finishes to coordinate with your areas will help attract visitors and provide them with an improved customer experience as they recycle at the same time.

5.    Use recycling receptacles with individual openings for each type of recyclable.  Many of us have seen (and used) the “one type fits all” recycling receptacles in which any type of recycling materials can be disposed.  Many of them are made from plastic* which is harmful to the environment.  However, in areas where keeping waste streams separate is required, and still different types of recyclables are mixed together, additional labor is then required to sort them later.  This additional labor means more costs.  If you use recycling receptacles such as Glaro Inc. connected recycling stations, single purpose units, dual purpose recycling receptacles and triple purpose recycling receptacles, then bottles, cans, paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, batteries, and waste will be sorted at the point of disposal.  That saves labor and energy downstream and it is a greener way to implement a recycling program than a “one type fits all” recycling bin.

*”And although some plastics can be recycled, most aren’t (either because they can’t be or because people don’t). For example, only around one-quarter of 1 percent of the more than 7 billion pounds (3.2 billion kilograms) of discarded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is recycled each year in the U.S., and PVC is one of the world’s most common plastics [source: Clean Air Council].”

In sum, when “going green,” finding practical ways to integrate a recycling program into a facility that will help preserve the environment, while saving money in the long run, is the method of choice.  In the case of using recycling products as described above, the extra benefit is better value for the dollar because your dollar then lasts longer, works better,  goes further, and is investing in the future of the environment.

American receptacle manufacturers such as Glaro Inc. choose to produce products that support the above green strategies. Glaro Inc. incorporates the above concepts into their recycling products to do its part in manufacturing “greener” products and encourages other American manufacturers to do the same.

Announcing Glaro Inc. on Pintrest

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PintrestThis is a quick announcement to invite you to our new Glaro Inc. Pintrest page, where we are sharing our professional photos of new products, classic Glaro products, educational product videos and behind-the-scenes photos of our fine staff who manufacture our products in the USA everyday.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Pintrest is a growing social networking site that allows people to easily share photos of the products and images they love. It’s a great platform that we are now using to provide another place on the web where our products can be explored and shared.

Especially if you are a web dealer selling Glaro products, pintrest is a great place to showcase Glaro products and connect with others who love the products. The accounts are free to create and they are simple to use as a tool to show your images, photos and infographics to your own customers and the millions of others already on the network.

We would love to connect with you there as well, so get in touch on our Glaro Inc. Facebook page or on Pintrest (http://pinterest.com/glaro/) if you are looking for other ways to stay connected with all Glaro Inc. news and important industry updates.

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How To Create Recycling Stations Using Connected Cans: Glaro RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles FAQ

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Glaro Satin Aluminum RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles in Connected Units

Can I combine any size recycling receptacles I would like into a recycling station or do I need to use all of the same diameter recycling cans to create a connected unit?

While it is common to order three recycling receptacles of the same diameter (for example 15”) and connect them with Glaro connectors, you can use any size receptacle from any Glaro recycling receptacle line in any configuration you want and create your own combination.

Glaro recycling receptacles are specially designed to be able to form any look or configuration you desire. This flexibility is possible because Glaro Inc. connectors are universal, allowing mixed sizes of receptacles to be easily connected.

Example 1: You can have one 20” diameter can in a central position combined with two adjacent 15” receptacles (one for recycling cans and one for recycling bottles). Each unit can be used individually, or they can become a recycling station with a Glaro connector set.

Example 2: Alternatively, you could have two 20” receptacles in outside positions with two 15” recycling receptacles in inside positions, creating a four piece station. It is up to you.

Or, as we mentioned, you can use them individually or connect two or more units using our connectors.

Glaro Inc. factory connector holes will be positioned according to the desired recycling receptacle layout configuration you order. Specifying your configuration first allows Glaro to provide the appropriate connector hole positioning on each unit. Pre-drilled holes in the appropriate locations make assembling receptacles at their final destination a simple, straightforward process requiring minimal work.

How to Order a Glaro Recycling Station using Connected Cans:

  1. Select some sizes or mixed sizes of receptacles (12”, 15” or 20” diameters) and the quantity of each you wish to purchase [choose a catalog number]. Note the varying openings available e.g. slots, holes or slots with center holes.
  2. Select your finish (Glaro offers 29 smooth powder coated finishes and two satin finishes i.e. satin aluminum and tarnish-proof satin brass)
  3. Specify the silk screened message you would like on each (bottles, cans, paper, waste, or bottles & cans). Each can comes standard with a recycle logo except the can for “waste”.   Messages are silk screened onto the bodies below the recycle logo.
  4. Order optional clear poly liner bags to fit your receptacles.

Call (631) 234-1717 for more information or to speak to a salesperson.

4 New Innovative Deck Surfaces Revealed On New Glaro Platform Carts

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New Glaro Inc. Platform Trucks and Platform Carts Glaro Inc. recently launched a new Glaro Glider line of platform carts. Designed to be durable but attractive ”work-horses,” the new platform carts are built strong for the hospitality and healthcare industries, industrial settings or for use anywhere. They operate at the same level as Glaro Glider bellman carts while outperforming standard platform carts currently on the market.  They are also some of the most aesthetically pleasing designs ever developed.

Among the many positive features available is having the opportunity to select one of four deck coverings.  Below is a brief description of each platform truck decking style:

Coined Design Vinyl Deck Covering
Sanitary, slip resistant, and easy to clean, black and grey coin design PVC deck coverings have a tough, durable surface that is wear resistant and non-slip. Slightly raised embossed circular patterns help stabilize cargo during transport.  In addition, vinyl deck coverings are non marking. They will not damage or scuff the products or cargo placed on the platform cart.

Galvanized Steel Deck with Baked Powder Coat Finish
Steel decking is available in your choice of tough silver vein or black powder coated finishes.  An additional 27 powder coat finishes are available upon request.  Steel decking is known in the industry as a hearty, rough and tough surface. In fact they are the hardest deck covering available on platform trucks and the first choice for strictly utility use both indoors and outdoors. They are scratch and chip resistant and are easily cleaned. Because they have a powder coat finish they can match almost any décor in any building.

Satin Polished Aluminum Deck Covering
Satin polished aluminum decking provides a very hi tech, sleek, more modern look than other deck coverings. They will not rust and they are easy to clean and sanitize. A heavy clear powder coating is baked onto satin polished sheet to match the cart’s standard satin aluminum handle.  This decking option provides the most uniform appearance between the deck and its handles. Aluminum decks are non-magnetic.  They do not absorb and retain as much heat as steel.

Here is a snapshot of what the vinyl decking, aluminum decking and steel decking look like (larger, better color shots are available on the Glaro.com website platform trucks page):

Glaro Deck Coverings for Platform Trucks & Platform Carts





100% Olefin fiber creates a soft,  yet durable, decorative surface that will not mark items placed onto the platform cart. Olefin is fade resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean, and will not absorb moisture. It is a weather resistant material perfect for use indoors and out.  Available in a selection of six colors;  Any facility can match their platform trucks with their bellman carts, commonly used along side of each other  in the hospitality industry, condominium, dormitories, airports, clothing showrooms, in office buildings and anywhere clothing or uniforms are used and packages and freight are transported. Here are some color choices available:

Platform Trucks Carpet Colors on Glaro Inc. Carts




Finally, on any metal finish or carpet, high quality silk screened custom logos or messages can be added to any platform cart or platform truck. Between these four deck covering options and a number of other decorative options (click here for the downloadable platform trucks brochure), virtually any cart can be manufactured to meet your needs.

If you are a dealer in the industrial, hospitality, building management, educational, or janitorial industry online or offline, adding these new platform carts is a great way to bring to your customers superior form and function at competitive pricing.

More detailed information can be found on the official Glaro Inc. website: www.glaro.com or by calling (631) 234-1717.

A New North Dakota Smoking Ban Law Creates State Wide Demand For Smoker’s Posts and Cigarette Receptacles To Contain Cigarette Butts Outdoors

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State Law Prohibits Smoking (North Dakota)

A new North Dakota Smoking Ban went into effect December 6, 2012, banning smoking in all indoor workplaces. A previous law had a limited ban. According to news outlets, the new law (passed by voters in a November election) approximately one month ago expands to almost all public places and most workplaces, including public transportation, cabs, private nursing homes, motels, and bars. Smoking within 20 feet of an entrance to any public building is now against the law. Individuals who break the North Dakota smoking law will incur fines of $50. If a bar in N. Dakota does not comply, they may have their liquor and tobaccos license revoked.

The impact of the new law will effect everyone from business owners, occupants, and visitors to residents.  Because the law bans indoor smoking, smokers will be required to smoke outdoors. In order to keep facilities clean, safe and professional looking, fire safe North Dakota smoker’s posts and receptacles will be needed around the State to keep cigarette butts contained and smokers organized in designated smoking areas.

If you are a Glaro Inc. dealer/distributor or any other dealer, many facilities owners in North Dakota are likely in search of smoker’s posts. You can assist them by reaching out and helping them solve the statewide smoking management issues they are currently facing. It is a great opportunity for you and a great solution for North Dakota.

More info:  http://www.prairiebizmag.com/event/article/id/13070/

Two Questions You Need To Answer To Select The Right Crowd Control System For Your Facility

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Glaro Inc. Crowd Control ProductsShopping for crowd control products can be a challenge because there are many different crowd management products on the market with varying benefits and features.  In a recent article, we discussed some of the product-based features to think about including:

•    Construction materials used (aluminum, steel, plastic etc.)
•    Type of stanchion base (heavy duty, lightweight, rubber, steel, cast iron)
•    Straps, Ropes, or chain (nylon, velvet, plastic, steel etc.)
•    Inner spring mechanism quality for retractable straps
•    Selection and customization of finishes available
•    Signage required as an add-on (post mounted, floor standing, wall mounted etc.)
•    Shipping lead time

Today, we would like to discuss the planning stage once you have clarified what you intend to accomplish by installing a crowd control system.  What variables need to be considered during the product selection process?

1)    What does the décor of the space require in terms of style and presentation?  2)  How flexible does your crowd management or pedestrian control system need to be?

We find that the décor of the space influences the choice of product.  Does a crowd control system whose design reflects “old world elegance” fit best, or does a newer, more contemporary style seem more appropriate for the building’s interior design?  What would make most sense to your visitors?  What will accomplish the task and enhance the environment as well?

For example, a commercial bank in an urban area will often experience varying flows of people based on the day of the week and time of day.  A “pay day” itself can lead to large influxes of customers in a bank looking to cash checks and make deposits.  Because banks can experience tremendous variations in traffic, a flexible crowd control system such as Glaro’s “Extenda-Barrier” retractable strap portable stanchions built on heavy duty bases, is the first consideration.  If the bank is a chain, most often a contemporary, commercial “look” will be appropriate consisting of Extenda-Barrier posts rather than more regal, elegant velvet ropes, for example that you might see at a “red carpet” event.

When flexibility is a priority, another consideration for a commercial building that requires queuing systems are modular metal crowd control railing systems.  Different than expensive welded railings that require an extensive installation process, modular railing systems are easier to install, reconfigure and even store.  They are also available in single or double railings to deter people from ducking under or “cutting” lines (most retractable straps do not provide this feature).  Crowd control railing systems are also built with a unique keyhole design that makes connecting and disconnecting rails from posts fast and easy.  As a result, they can be reconfigured, without tools, as needed in just a few minutes.  Generally for queuing systems, aisles are three feet wide and posts are spaced six feet apart.  By using three feet long or six feet long rails (or ropes), virtually ANY size pedestrian queuing line can be formed.  Glaro Incorporated is the innovator and manufacturer of the Elite Rail Crowd Control Post and Rail System described above.

Knowing beforehand 1) your décor requirements, and 2) how flexible your queuing systems need to be to accommodate the expected type and flow of traffic in your building, will help you select the appropriate queuing systems for your building.  Finally, if supporting American manufacturing and choosing quality workmanship is important to you, choose an American brand over an import.

Four Reasons To Use Crowd Control Railing Systems For Queue Management

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Glaro Elite Portable Pedestrian Guidance & Crowd Control Railing SystemsEfficiently organizing visitors in your building requires thought, planning, and the right equipment.  Today we would like to introduce you to a very practical crowd control queuing system that is growing in popularity because of its unique benefits: portable crowd control railing systems manufactured by Glaro Incorporated.

Crowd control railing systems are similar to posts, rope, and strap systems, but straps and ropes are replaced with a heavy duty single or double horizontal rail system.  Let’s look at why they are a great product to consider as an alternative to traditional posts with straps or rope:

1.    Function & Stability: Structurally, rails are the most durable and effective crowd control products on the market.  Their all metal construction, heavy gauge aluminum components, and sturdy heavy weighted bases combine to present the appearance of permanence, security, and organization while creating the ultimate in safety and stability.  Two inch diameter horizontal rails have solid aluminum ends machined to fit tightly onto posts to establish a stable barrier that works even under the stress of crowds.

2.    Versatility: Unlike permanent railing systems that require expensive and time consuming professional installation, Elite Portable Pedestrian Guidance and Crowd Control Railing Systems (such as those from manufacturer Glaro Inc.), are specifically designed to be portable and easily rearranged and easy to store away when not in use.  Their modular design makes set up, installation, and rearranging a fast, easy process.  Rail lengths vary from three feet through six feet, so virtually any configuration and length can be designed.  The entire system can be moved anymore in a building within minutes if needed.

In addition, they are available with single or double horizontal rails.  By ordering two rails, a full barrier is created formulating the most effective barrier.

3.    Finishes: By being able to choose from satin aluminum, tarnish proof satin brass and 29 textured and smooth powder coat colors, the modular crowd control rail systems can easily coordinate with any décor, ranging from traditional to modern.  Virtually any look can be achieved.

4.    Set Up & Maintenance: Rail systems from Glaro Inc. require no maintenance and no tools for assembly are needed.  There are no moving parts.  Finishes are designed to conceal any and no polishing or chemicals are needed to clean their tarnish proof finish.  In addition the aluminum construction cannot rust.  They include a keyhole design for precision rail-to-post connection and can be easily assembled and disassembled in minutes.  As a result, they are some of the finest, low maintenance products ever conceived.

These four key features make the rail system a great solution for hotels and casinos, exhibition halls, lobbies, theaters, museums and galleries, security check in areas, showrooms, cashier stations, schools, teller and clerk windows, food service areas, transportation terminals, parking garages, government offices, and motor vehicle departments.

More information on crowd control can be found here.

“Made In America” Waste Receptacles and Recycling Receptacles That Support Jobs In America

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Glaro Proudly Manufacturers All Products In The USAMade In America. Some of the best manufacturers still do it, everyday.

Some choose not to, and the key is “choose.”

When you choose to manufacture what were once American made products overseas, it’s a choice that can really impact customers, especially customers who value quality. With overseas manufacturers, often a cheaper price is provided at the cost of quality. There are often much longer shipping timelines (as long as 6 to 8 weeks or more) and a great deal of energy expended in the shipping process to purchase something that is made virtually around the corner. But more so, there is less certainty.  Who will you get on the phone when you call customer service? Will they be able to help you quickly as a dealer? Is the product reliable? Will we have the same variety of products and finishes as we do from an American manufacturer like Glaro Inc.?  Are the products manufactured in facilities with humane conditions? Are we all doing our part to grow the American economy? There are many questions to ask.

Glaro has all the right answers!

At Glaro Inc., our choice is to support American manufacturing and American jobs.  Ensuring certainty and building confidence are key core elements of the brand and always will be.

Manufacturing aluminum and steel waste receptacles in the USA since 1945, helps Glaro Inc. provide many advantages over foreign producers including:

–    Better quality leading to more durable products
–    Faster shipping timelines
–    A larger and more diverse selection of products, designs, and finishes
–    Customization of products
–    A smaller carbon footprint and less environmental impact
–    Jobs that keep people in America working
–    Prices not impacted by shipping costs, tariffs, and other surcharges

Glaro Inc. is proud to be a leading American manufacturer of waste receptacles, recycling receptacles and dozens of other products lines.  We are just as proud to support American jobs and employ all of our staff on American soil since 1945.

“Certainty,” A Powerful Word

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Count On Certainty from Glaro Inc.Uncertainty is on our minds as we approach this election and as we look at everything from the stock market’s volatility to job growth.

Why does the market swing? Uncertainty.

Why do companies slow hiring? Uncertainty.

Uncertainty is undeniably a powerful force even as we think about the American receptacles manufacturing sector:

Uncertainty about quality. Uncertainty about timing. Uncertainty about safety. And the list goes on. Any executive or dedicated employee knows that breaches in certainty in these areas can bring a company to its knees.

At Glaro Inc. we know that when a company is certain, so will their customers be.

Even with so much uncertainty on a macro level, we know there are so many ways that we can create, manufacture and deliver “certainty” everyday. At Glaro Inc. we have worked very hard to build a real American brand that is able to own every step of the manufacturing and service process from end to end. Glaro’s total in-house concept and its long history of manufacturing on American soil create the structure  within which this can happen. In fact, from R&D, engineering, metal spinning, machining, tooling, fabricating, forming, stamping, spinning, powder coat painting, degreasing, and assembly to shipping, the manufacturer maintains complete control over quality, including its timelines.

“Tight controls and attention to detail every step of the way create consistency which creates certainty. And certainty creates confidence and loyalty in our dealers and their customers too,” commented Robert Betensky in a recent interview.

In sum, certainty is something our economy needs to grow and something we all seek in our lives in one way or another.  Our small way of making that happen is by continuing to manufacture in America and hire in America.  Every time someone buys a product, they can be certain that they are supporting the American economy. That’s why we come to work everyday at Glaro.

Umbrella Stands And Wet Umbrella Bag Holders Keep Floors Dry & People Safe

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Approaching the fall and winter season, distributors and dealers to the institutional, facilities management, hospitality and office furniture markets are reporting an increased demand for umbrella stands and wet umbrella bag stands more than expected.  In response, Glaro Inc. has ramped up its stock inventory to prepare for a busy fall and winter season ahead.

Glaro Inc. Wet Umbrella Bag Stands & Holders

Glaro Inc. Wet Umbrella Bag Stands & Holders

There is a clear need for umbrella bags. Instead of people walking around and dripping water off of their umbrellas and onto the floor as they walk down halls and create dangerous situations, safety has become a top priority of many building owners. In fact, building visitors often expect to find a wet umbrella bag (either wall mounted or floor standing) so that they can insert their umbrella and proceed safely as they enter. Building maintenance people also favor umbrella bag holders because floors remain cleaner and in better condition longer. In doing so, fewer floor maintenance chemicals are needed and labor is saved, contributing towards a building’s green initiatives.  American wet umbrella bag stand manufacturers such as Glaro Inc. are able to ship stock items in three days or less for those building managers who need to take action fast.  Distributors who need replacement bags know that like most Glaro Inc. products, wet umbrella bags are available for quick shipping.

Glaro’s growing Umbrella Master line also includes traditional umbrella holders for waiting rooms, offices, meeting rooms and entrances. Most umbrella stands and holders accommodate full size as well as tote size umbrellas, and they contain drip pans to capture water that may accumulate. Even coat trees are available with an integrated umbrella holder section for those seeking a combination kit.

Glaro Inc. Umbrella Stands

Glaro Inc. Umbrella Stands

Remember that all metal products, such as those manufactured by Glaro Incorporated which are made from rust and tarnish proof metals and finishes (aluminum), will also last longer and look better than plastic models, which can crack, break and become flimsy.

For more information, visit glaro.com please.

U.S. Continues To Waste Over $11 Billion A Year By Throwing Away Recyclables

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A new report discussed in this story (http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-billions-recyclables-wasted-20120718,0,3225089.story) explains, “about $11.4 billion in recyclable materials are still piling up in U.S. landfills every year.”

One thing is clear from the article: At every point in a product’s lifecycle from manufacturing to post consumer disposal, there are opportunities that we can all seek to improve these numbers.

According to the story, in addition to $11.4 billion of wasted recycling opportunities, the U.S. does not stack up well right now in terms of its progress with, for example, aluminum cans recycling. “More than 40 billion aluminum cans are still dumped annually into landfills in the U.S.” Even at 40 million that number is overwhelmingly large.

What actions can we take to improve this number? What can we as businesses do to make a difference?

On a micro level, we can all reduce that number if more businesses and residences as well as public entities invested in recycling products and backed them with effective signage and messaging to promote green recycling. This combined with increased responsibility on the part of individuals and manufacturers in their manufacturing processes can make a difference.

Glaro Satin Aluminum Modular Recycling Receptacle Stations

Glaro Inc. has long supported environmentally sustainable recycling initiatives through its leadership in manufacturing American made recycling receptacles and related messaging/signage. Glaro Inc. continues to aggressively expand its recycling lines to help ensure that facilities across America and abroad are properly equipped to make their recycling programs as effective as possible. In combination with other recycling practices, the use of recycling receptacles can help bring the number of unrecycled aluminum cans and wasted resources down to a minimum and surely reduce the over $11 billion in waste this article discusses.

For more information on recycling receptacles, visit Glaro Inc. here.

The Advantages of Decorative or Designer Waste Receptacles

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Trash receptaclesand recycling receptacles provide a solution for waste disposal. All too often, waste receptacles are poorly located, are in poor condition, or are simply not appealing enough for people to use.  Sometimes, building managers place sub-standard receptacles in low visibility areas because they are unsightly.  The result could be a dirty building.

New Yorker Decorative and Designer Waste Receptacles by Glaro

The New Yorker Collection: Designer Waste Receptacles by Glaro Inc.

In commercial, public, and institutional facilities, entrance areas, lobbies, and other common areas, indoors or outdoors, waste receptacles and recycling receptacles need to meet a specific aesthetic standard.  Decorative trash receptacles are essential functional amenities needed to complete a space.  Designer waste receptacles and recycling receptacles can transform a bland, monotone location into an interesting one with accents, personality, and consistency that provide for good housekeeping and environmental compliance.

From our experience, decorative waste receptacles, also known as decorative trash receptacles, have many advantages. They should be robust, well- built metal waste receptacles with a visual appeal based in both the materials used as well as how the receptacles are finished and presented. They also provide practical advantages including improved durability, fire safety, design flexibility, and easy maintenance.

As an example, designer receptacles from Glaro Inc. provide the following advantages:

•    Tough aluminum and steel construction
•    A satin aluminum finish
•    Two metal finishes and 29 powder coat finishes allow buyers to create their own color combinations on each unit.  Covers and bodies may match or contrast.
•    Unique decorative banding is available
•    The ability to use your designer receptacles indoors or out
•    The all metal construction provides enough weight so that units are stable even in windy conditions outdoors
•    Glaro low maintenance finishes do not require polishing or frequent cleaning. Polished brass, mirror chrome, and stainless steel do.
•    Silk screened messages and customized logos are easily added to Glaro designer waste receptacles.
•    You will have the confidence that your designer waste receptacles  or recycling receptacles will also match the palette of other Glaro products used in the same facility, such as bellman carts, platform trucks, cigarette ashtrays, receptacles, planters, crowd control equipment, umbrella stands and signage displays.
•    The carefully developed finishes of Gloss Brass and Gloss Chrome powder coated baked finishes are maintenance free but simulate high maintenance expensive finishes like authentic mirror brass and mirror chrome.

The advantages of designer waste receptacles also apply to all recycling receptacles.  If you are interested in more information on designer trash receptacles or designer recycling receptacles, visit our corporate website at www.glaro.com.

Six Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing Bellman Carts & Luggage Carts

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Glaro Bellman Carts / Luggage CartsHere is some helpful advice from Glaro Incorporated to help make the selection and purchase of luggage carts easy:

How Fast Can They Ship

Many people do not realize that bellman and luggage carts are available in the USA for shipment within three days of order. There is no need to wait weeks or months if you really need the bellman baggage cart immediately. Ask for a timeline before ordering and find out what the expected shipping arrival date is, not just when the manufacturer is shipping out the product.

Price Range

What level of quality and design is necessary for your facility or is important to your own customers? The price of bellman and hotel luggage carts is impacted by the size, construction, finish, quality of raw materials and aesthetics.  Cheaply produced bellman cart models may use lesser quality alloys and thinner tubing, for example, which are not as durable as better made carts.

Selecting Metal Finishes, Carpet Color, and Bumper Types

Find out if the manufacturer (or your dealer) can really produce a quality product that looks exactly how you want it. Top USA manufacturers of luggage carts such as Glaro Inc. will let you create your own bellman cart and essentially build it from the ground up. You can customize the finish, carpet color, and even the type of bumper system.

There are also bellman cart finishes that look as good as high maintenance finishes like solid brass but will not tarnish: an example is tarnish proof satin brass from Glaro Inc. (glaro.com), a great alternative to solid brass.

Size (Length)

What are your bellman cart capacity needs? Bellman carts come in all sizes. Consideration should be made about the size of the elevators and the types of luggage guests use most often.

Do you have buses that frequent your facility? If so, you may need larger capacity bellman carts or even 6 wheel bellman carts rather than 4 wheel  bellman carts to efficiently move heavy loads with little effort.

Types Of Wheels

What kind of bellman cart wheels will work best on the floor surfaces in your building? Do you have carpeting? Tile? Wood? Concrete? Pneumatic wheels on bellman carts work best on hard surfaces. Solid rubber wheels work well on either hard surfaces or carpeted flooring but may not be the choice for areas with irregular floors and bumpy surfaces.  However solid rubber wheels require less maintenance because the air filled tires do not need to be monitored as they do in the pneumatic tires. It’s important to understand these pros and cons and not just make a decision based on aesthetics.

Made In The USA

Decide if you prefer to use an American made quality luggage cart for transporting baggage. There are many quality American bellman cart manufacturers and distributors to research in the Continental United States .

While you can also import cheap bellman and luggage carts or imitations, when repairs become necessary carts must be often be discarded. A quality USA bellman cart manufacturer with excellent service will be able to quickly replace any part for you and drop ship from their facility within a day. If service is important to you, that is something to strongly consider.

With these six tips, you are on your way to selecting the right carts. Best of luck!


Read about metal waste receptacles now.

7 Tips For Making Sure You Have The Right Recycling Receptacles In Your Building

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Most of us agree that recycling cans, bottles, paper and other recyclables is important.  Crafting an appropriate recycling program and identifying the right recycling receptacles, bins and containers to use in a building takes some thought. Here are seven tips:

Think Ahead, Know Your Volume
Know your recycling volume today, but also forecast ahead to account for fluctuations in volume, for example, from events, changes in the total quantity of people in a building etc. Size your recycling receptacles and bins to accommodate your maximum expected volume periods. Do you need a 12” diameter receptacle?  15”? 20”? Other?

Glaro Recycling Container Stations

Glaro Recycling Container Stations

Define Your Hot Spots
Whether it is near vending machines, in high traffic areas or in a lobby, every building has “hot spots” where recycling receptacles are most in demand. Plan out your space to ensure that you have enough frequency of recycling stations to meet expected traffic levels.

Fit The Décor, Enhance The Decor
Ideally recycling receptacles will fit the overall décor of their space and look great in context. In our opinion, they should enhance and add to a building’s aesthetics. Find the right style combined with the finishing options and colors that will fit seamlessly into designated areas.

Think About Quality
Quality products last longer and they are more reliable. If you are thinking long run, you will also save the planet resources by investing in recycling bins that you may never need to replace.

Modular recycling stations allow a building owner or facilities manager to take two or more recycling containers and connect them to each other in any sequence they would like. They can be connected in a straight line or in triangular a configuration. Connected units keep the recycling receptacles together for a neat and organized appearance. For many, having the flexibility to arrange recycling receptacles into professional recycling stations is an important option to consider.

Be Safe
Fire safety is important in all aspects of a building.  Consider using metal recycling receptacles that have fire safe construction rather than cheaper, plastic bins that are unable to meet the same safety standards.

Make Communication and Placement Priorities
Tasteful signage, stenciling on the recycling containers and communication of the importance of recycling through other methods in a building are all important to encourage use.   In combination with placing them in strategic areas, you can maximize their use.

What thoughts do you have that could benefit others looking to implement a successful recycling program in their building? Share your ideas and help us develop this list further.

The Truth About Half Round Waste Receptacles: What Every Facility Manager, Interior Designer, Dealer, & Purchasing Agent Should Know

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Today we take a brief look into Glaro Incorporated’s half round waste receptacles. While Glaro has always provided full size metal waste receptacles for its customers, we’ve seen a lot of growth in the half round receptacles category, especially in the past two years. Here are some reasons why they have grown in popularity based on our experience:

Half round trash receptacles are known for their sleek, space-saving design that helps them blend into any space while being less obtrusive than full sized waste receptacles. They neatly fit against walls or along partitions, where larger waste receptacles are often situated at the end of a room or in a corner out of the way.  In addition, Glaro’s wall mounting bracket enables these units to be mounted off the floor, facilitating floor maintenance.  As a result, you can spread more around every area of your facility to provide better coverage, which results in a cleaner overall facility.

Glaro Half Round Recycling Receptacles, Part of The Larger Line

Glaro Half Round Recycling Receptacles, Part of The Larger Line

Because of their smaller overall ‘footprint’, the half round waste and recycling receptacles are more economical to produce and also lower in cost than many other waste receptacles on the market.  For any facility looking to adhere to a tight budget, they are a very strong option to consider.

A half round receptacle may also come in many different models, serving different purposes such as for waste, recycling, ash/trash or bins. Glaro’s line actually comes with and without additional inner galvanized steel liner cans (which help uphold fire safety). Either way, they are used with easy to install poly liner bags.

For those whose work involves maintaining and emptying half round trash receptacles, you will be happy to know that Glaro’s models are also easy to service (empty) because of a thoughtfully engineered hinged top.

Half rounders are also customizable with silk screened messages, and they are available in two metal finishes and 29 powder coat finishes. As Glaro’s Executive Vice President was recently quoted in a press piece, “Because we have total metal fabricating capabilities on American soil, we can address requests for modifications, or customized products and messages for our customers.” Whether they are used by elevators, or in restrooms, entrances, lobbies, snack areas, along walls, or in any other place, the desired “look” can easily be achieved with Glaro’s many design and finishing options.

Full specifications and details on half round waste receptacles as well as downloadable brochures can be found on Glaro’s website.

How To Shop For Crowd Control Posts, Stanchions, Belts and Ropes

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So often people know that they need some type of crowd control management product, but of all the choices on the market today, they don’t know which product to choose.  After all, there are retractable strap posts, traditional ropes and stanchions, portable railing systems, permanent railing systems etc. This list goes on and each has its own benefits and attributes. To decide, here are seven aspects of crowd control systems that we advise researching as you decide which crowd control manufacturer, dealer or retailer will earn your business:

1.    Constructed From Solid Aluminum?: Is your post or stanchion made from aluminum? In fact, aluminum has the longest life of any crowd control post because it can not rust or tarnish. It will also prevent rust from getting on the floor. If you intend to use crowd control products in a tropical environment or outdoors be sure to select a product that has an all aluminum construction. If a product is made of all steel such as inexpensive imports, it will rust and can not be corrected.

Glaro Crowd Control

Glaro Crowd Control Stanchions, Posts, Belts and Railing Systems.

2.    Look at the Post/Stanchion Base:  Select a heavy base that is less likely to tip over or be moved out of position. Crowd control manufacturers will provide their base weights to you when you inquire. We have found that a weight of about 30 pounds offers the stability and safety needed in any area.

3.    Straps and Ropes: Next, for retractable strap barriers, in order to stand up over time and prevent the strap from wrinkling and binding when retracting into posts or stanchions, it should be 100% thick gauged nylon and very tightly woven. If you would like a logo or message on your straps, it is important to find a company that can properly personalize your order. Customization of straps and rope is a growth area in the market right now.

If you select rope, be sure to order a rope with a solid cotton core instead of foam. Solid cotton cores are much more durable and long lasting. Make sure that the velour you select is 100% woven nylon rather than a cotton velour for similar reasons.

4.    Inner Spring: Now, think from the inside out.  The inner mechanism must have a long lasting durable spring that slowly retracts the straps in a safe way to avoid a slingshot effect.  The spring must be as effective after years of use as it is on day one. This is often not the case with non USA manufactured crowd control equipment. Sometimes a buyer might purchase cheap Chinese imports that are much lighter in weight and soon find that the mechanisms fail, the straps wrinkle and the finishes rust and they easily tip over. If you are looking for a long lasting reliable product, these aspects of your crowd control system are very important to research in advance.

5.    Selection and Customization of Finishes: Find a line where the company offers a variety of sizes and finishes where they can even design and customize their crowd control system to meet your particular needs. Don’t settle for less than a perfect solution.

6.    Signage: Be sure to provide the proper crowd control post mounted or separate floor standing signs to direct visitors guided through a security, queuing or maintenance areas. In other words, the equipment plus your message in combination will lead to the desired results.  For example, you might have a sign mounted on your crowd control post that says, “Please Enter Here” to provide clear directions.

7.    Shipping Timeline: Finally, if you need crowd control equipment by a certain date, it is important to know the manufacturers ability to ship to your deadline. Some companies can ship very quickly while others are very slow.  Ask the crowd control manufacturer or distributor for a clear shipping timeline and delivery date.

In sum, start by knowing what your real needs are in terms of quality, durability, customization, maintenance and functionality, as well as your timelines, and do your due diligence to find the right manufacturer or reseller.  If you have any specific questions, we invite you to send us a note by commenting here with your questions.  Thanks!

Glaro Glider Bellman Carts Review

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If you are in the market for affordable yet beautifully designed bellman carts (also known as luggage carts), Glaro.com Glider Bellman Carts are a great solution to consider.  In addition to the manufacturer’s quality and overall design, it is remarkable to find a USA manufacturer that produces as many fine carts to address all of the choices that people want in the market. Not only is there a selection of 15 designs in three different sizes, but there are also over 31 finishes available.

Glaro Six Wheel Bellman Cart 8868BE (Brass Enamel)

Glaro Six Wheel Bellman Cart 8868BE (Brass Enamel)

Standing apart from so many companies that have sent their manufacturing operations and jobs overseas, Glaro’s true identity as an American company since 1945, when it was founded, has always been consistent. Glaro bellman carts are part of a total “American-made” concept that permeates every product line that Glaro Inc. makes.

Interestingly, when Glaro demonstrates carts at trade shows, a crowd often gathers to see how easily these bellman carts maneuver in tight spots and how flexible the design options really are such that a customer can practically create his or her own bellman cart to meet the design and functional requirements at their facilities. For the first time, we have seen a bellman cart that can be pushed, pulled or rotated in place when loaded to capacity with luggage, and still can be moved effortlessly. The exceptional ease of movement is the result of what Glaro calls “pinpoint maneuverability” which prevents doors and walls from getting banged up and maximizes control in tight spots or when a cart needs to be rotated in place.

In self service as well as bellman managed lobbies, we have heard nothing but positive reviews from those using Glaro carts even over bumpy and rough surfaces. They also are known to stand up in extreme weather conditions whether the carts are used by seaside resorts or in winter ski resorts in sub zero temperatures.

The other remarkable convenience about dealing with Glaro Inc. and Glaro carts is that they are the only manufacturer we know of that consistently ships carts in three to four days. And almost all carts are shipped by UPS, keeping freight costs to an absolute minimum.

When you put all these concepts together, Glaro Inc. bellman carts offer the total package and the confidence you can have in a truly American made product.


Information on condo carts can be found here.

Benefits of Modular “Create Your Own” Recycling Stations

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Glaro, a leading USA manufacturer of waste receptacles, recently introduced a new format to present its recycling receptacles: Glaro RecyclePro modular recycling stations.

The only system of its kind, Glaro all metal modular recycling stations, are the largest and most versatile line of metal recycling containers on the market offering an extensive selection of sizes, finishes, openings, and messages.  Part of the RecyclePro recycling series, which promote environmental sustainability to your audience, Glaro modular recycling receptacles allow you to create your own recycling station with two or more receptacles, which are held together with a simple connector.

Glaro Modular Recycling Receptacles with Sign Post

Glaro Modular Recycling Receptacles with Sign Post

Designing your own station is straight forward. You pick the diameter you would like (either 12”, 15” or 20”), the type of top opening you would like (e.g. slot for paper, small hole, large hole for waste, or multipurpose opening), the message for each opening  diameter (e.g. paper, bottles, bottles and cans, waste, and recyclables), and the finish color you would like for each top and body. The cost is the same for any type of opening selected. At no additional cost, a standard Glaro silk screened message for the front of each recycling receptacle unit is included. All connector brackets are included.

For those who want to create more visibility for the recycling receptacle stations, connected units with a 72 inch sign post (seen in photo on the right) are also a great option to consider. These easily identifiable silk screened sign posts draw attention and are very useful in public areas.  Download the RecyclePro Series of modular recycling receptacles brochure here.


Summary of the recycling stations by Glaro Inc.:

  • Capacity ranging from 12 to 41 gallons
  • You can choose which cover opening holes you want and in which order
  • You can specify which standard silk screen message and sequence of message that you would like. Custom silk screen messages and logos are also available upon request.
  • 31 finishes are available (29 smooth and textured powder coat finishes plus, 2 metal finishes).  You can choose the color of the cover and the body. You may match or contrast with the cylinder body and other recycling containers in the station. Custom finish combinations are available too.
  • You can mix and match recycling container finishes from one container to the next
  • When two or more recycling containers are used side by side, they may be connected to each other in the sequence you specify. Three unit recycling stations can be configured in a straight line or even in a triangular formation.
  • In this series, the need for an inner steel container has been replaced by using heavy gauge custom size poly bags that are designed to have snug fit. Steel containers are available as an option.
  • Optional designer decorative bands are available
  • Optional outdoor canopy tops are available
  • They come with our without optional sign poles
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • They can ship in approximately 3 days from receipt of order
  • Manufactured in USA
  • They are easy to empty and clean


Finally, Glaro’s RecyclePro recycling container stations are designed to accommodate any facility and any size budget. They are the favorite choice of industry dealers, architects, designers, purchasing agents and facility managers for any type of public building.

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Glaro Releases New Product Lines of Aluminum Shelving, Coat Racks, Umbrella Stands and Wet Umbrella Bag Holders for Immediate Shipment

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. We just wanted to share our latest press release with you which details lots of new economical, quality product lines from Glaro Inc.

You can read more details on the release (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/11/prweb8990250.htm) and download full product specs and details on our company website (glaro.com).





Also, be sure to join us on our Glaro Facebook page and Glaro twitter page where we are providing news, tips and helpful information to dealers, end users and business partners.


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What are the benefits of using heavy duty inner steel liner cans with aluminum bottoms in my waste and recycling receptacles?

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Many of us are used to plastic trash cans at home: a simple plastic molded receptacle that accepts plastic bag inserts. However, outside of the home, and especially in commercial and public environments, a heavy duty inner receptacle, often manufactured from steel, is the product of choice.

What exactly is an inner receptacle?

It is an additional receptacle often made of galvanized steel with a lightly smaller diameter than its outer, finished receptacle. The better products in the market from companies such as Glaro Inc. make sure the metal liner can is made not only of galvanized steel to inhibit rust but also has a rust-proof aluminum bottom.  Steel bottoms are short lived and should be avoided.  This is an important feature since any liquids or moisture that find its way into the can will settle and be trapped at the bottom making steel bottomed cans susceptible to rusting through in a very short time.  The inner receptacle fits neatly inside and houses the poly trash bag.

What are the main benefits of an inner steel liner can for your waste receptacles?

Put simply: Safety, Maintenance, and Stability.

Metal waste receptacles and trash cans with heavy duty steel liner cans, such as ones provided by Glaro Inc., provide a high level of fire safety.  When trash cans are in public areas, it is not uncommon for someone to mistakenly dispose of an item that is hot and flammable or actually lit such as a cigarette. In a public area such as hotels, airports, large buildings and offices, where there are often significant numbers of people, safety is of utmost concern. The added protection provided by liner cans gives a building owner or manager the confidence that their furniture and equipment is fostering a safer environment.

Surprisingly, and often to keep costs slightly lower, many manufacturers of waste receptacles offer a flammable, plastic inner bucket which may create its own potential hazard by producing toxic fumes and additional heat. They also do not contain heat as well as metal and may lead to the floor or something nearby catching fire or being damaged.

Uniquely, Glaro never includes hazardous, toxic, or flammable plastic inner containers.  Glaro waste receptacles give you effective protection from fires because both Inner and Outer Receptacles are Heavy Gauge Metal. Double wall construction helps to contain heat and flames in the event of an internal fire. They also help to cut off the oxygen supply to a possible fire. As a result, a small fire could be retarded, or even be extinguished by the resulting carbon dioxide some of which can be trapped inside the receptacle, before becoming a big problem.

Waste receptacles with liners are simply easier to maintain.  A metal inner liner helps keep litter in the waste receptacle and prevents garbage and trash from leaking or falling out of the trash container into a public area should the poly bag break open.  This maintains a more professional look and certainly a cleaner one. Inner steel waste receptacle liners from Glaro also have a handle for clean and easy removal of trash, and they easily fit heavy duty plastic liner bags.

Metal inner liners are also rust resistant and corrosion resistant, so they last longer.  While plastic inner liner receptacles are sometimes selected, they can rip, do not stand up to heavy use, and their construction is directly affected by substances like solvents.

Because all Glaro liner cans are made of galvanized steel with aluminum bottoms, they are especially durable and able to withstand heavy use.  In addition, they load in from the top, so they are much easier to take apart and put back together again than trash receptacles that open from the side.  Should inner all metal liner cans become soiled or contain odors they may be washed, hosed out, or even power washed and easily deodorized.

All metal inner liner cans are substantial in weight and therefore add stability to the receptacle which may be preferred in areas with high traffic and high winds or where unauthorized people tend to move them from their intended location.

As you think through your options for waste receptacles to purchase or recommend to others, we hope you now have a better understanding of inner metal receptacles.

8 Benefits of Using Custom Waste Receptacles and Recycling Receptacles

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Should I consider custom waste receptacles, recycling receptacles, and trash cans?

For those who have decided that a generic recycling or waste receptacle just won’t do, customized waste receptacles, trash cans and recycling receptacles for indoor or outdoor use from reputable receptacles manufacturers are always strong options to consider.

Some of the benefits of custom receptacles are that they:

Custom All Metal Waste Receptacle With Company Logo and Messaging

Custom Metal Waste Receptacle With Company Logo and Messaging

1.    Fit neatly with design of a space
2.    Promote a brand or “logo” through custom branding and messaging
3.    Enhance your public image with something unique and attractive
4.    Are able to fit a unique need like encouraging recycling, good housekeeping etc. through actionable messaging
5.    Help identify that the waste receptacle is the property of a particular company or entity, which helps increase security and decreases the chances that someone will take your receptacles and reuse them elsewhere (on purpose or accidentally).
6.    Draw attention to your trash receptacles to encourage their use
7.    Increase your ability to customize the overall look of your receptacles by, in Glaro’s case, mixing and matching over 31 finishes, creating a monotone or dual tone look depending on how you finish the waste receptacle covers  vs. the waste receptacle bodies.
8.    Help promote your products and services (they can be used as advertisements to sell products and services) e.g. a yogurt company with giant yogurt symbol to draw people into the stores

Examples of customization include custom silk screened messages, custom wording and custom logos on receptacles; customized finish combinations that create a unique look; and, customized waste receptacle designs that fit a particular specification.

Whether you are a dealer researching custom waste receptacles or an end user, customized Glaro Inc. products offer a level of versatility and personalization that is rare in the receptacle manufacturing industry. If you are in need of receptacles for Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, Institutions, Government Buildings, Building Lobbies, Museums, Airports, Rest Stops, The Hospitality Industry or any  public place and customization is something you would like to learn more about, we encourage you to contact us. We are a happy to talk you through the options available to you or just answer some of your questions. Call 1-888-234-1050.

Here is one more example of a good use of customization to promote a brand:

Dual Purpose Powder Coat Finished Custom Recycling Waste Receptacle by Glaro Inc.

Dual Purpose Powder Coat Finished Custom Recycling Waste Receptacle by Glaro Inc.

Custom Silk Screened Messaging on Recycling Receptacles vs. Stick On Decals

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While in the past, silk screening was often limited to use on fabrics and paper, the technology and processes behind silk screening have improved significantly. Silk screening can be used on almost any surface, including metal waste receptaclesand recycling receptacles.

Silk Screening For The U.S. Senate by Glaro Inc.

Custom Silk Screened Receptacles for The U.S. Senate by Glaro Inc.

Why should I make sure I buy recycling receptacles from Glaro with silk screened messages rather than models with stick on decals from other manufacturers?

In our experience, silk screening is the best method for a professional permanent message on your waste/recycling receptacles.  Glaro technicians ink on the message or image of your choice using special UV protected inks and bake it on at a high temperature so it is able to last indoors or out.  We advise avoiding products from other companies that use cheap, amateurish decals. Decals can lead to several problems, including the edges curling up and then after time falling off causing an unsightly and embarrassing situation.  Decal edges also tend to get a dark edge after routine cleaning. These issues can not happen with Glaro’s unique silk screening process.

All Glaro RecyclePro recycling receptacles are permanently silk-screened with your choice of standard Glaro messages for each opening. Custom silk-screened messages and logos are available upon request. Your customers will be proud to display the fine silk screened waste  receptacles from Glaro Inc. that you have supplied to them, and they will come back to you every time.

Here are some additional photos of part of the silk screening process:

Silk Screen

Glaro Technicians Preparing Silk Screening for Recycling Receptacles


Silk Screening for Recycling Receptacles

Completed Silk Screening Stencil Ready To Be Transferred to Receptacle

Should I Buy Metal Waste Receptacles?

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Is Purchasing Metal Waste Receptacles The Right Choice?

You have a lot of choices today when purchasing waste receptacles. With materials and design options ranging from concrete to wicker to plastic to metal, waste receptacles are a surprisingly large and sometimes complicated product category to navigate through.

In some instances, such as domestic use, a small plastic bin or wicker waste basket that is small and decorative may be all that is necessary to do the job, especially when the plastic waste receptacle is hidden under a sink or in a cabinet.

However, we find that in a public place, business workplace or any commercial place such as a hotel, airport, hospital, institution, or outdoor area, waste receptacles made of non-metal materials or plastic may not do the optimal job.

To help out, we put together the following questions. If you answer yes to any of the following, then purchasing indoor and outdoor metal waste receptacles may be the right solution for you:

  • Do you need something that can stand up to inclement weather or outdoor use?
  • Do you need a trash receptacle that is stain and odor resistant?
  • How important is it that the waste receptacle is durable and virtually maintenance free?
  • How important is it that the waste receptacle is attractive and presents a “classier” or professional image?
  • Will the waste receptacle have the capacity i.e. volume your space needs?
  • Will the manufacturer be able to customize or “brand” your waste receptacles to present a consistent image?
  • Will the color and finish options I want be available from the manufacturer or distributor from which I purchase my waste receptacles?
  • Do you need your waste receptacle to be fireproof or fire resistant?
  • Is the waste receptacle made from recycled materials to promote more eco-friendly manufacturing?
  • Do I need a construction that is heavy duty or heavy gauged that will not tip over or be easily moved / removed?

In the end, thinking about your intended use of the trash receptacles, the features and benefits available from the waste receptacle manufacturer or supplier, the durability of the waste receptacles, and the image the receptacle presents will help you make decisions during your research process.

If you have any questions about the benefits of metal waste receptacles, feel free to contact our office at 1-888-234-1050, visit the Glaro Inc. website to learn more or ask us how you can contact our dealers.

Glaro Half Round Recycling Receptacles

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Glaro Half Round Recycle Pro Receptacles

Glaro Half Round Recycle Pro Receptacles

Glaro Inc. recently launched a sleek new line of recycling receptacles with an innovative new space-saving design. The half round recycling cans, part of their RecyclePro brand can be mounted onto walls or remain floor standing.  As with all Glaro products manufactured in Glaro’s USA plant in Hauppauge, NY, the half round cans are durable, well-designed and come in flexible sizes and colors. They are also designed so that they will match other Glaro products seamlessly.

More information can be found at recycling receptacles.